Pushed to the Brink – Her Explosive Showdown With Her Bratty Niece Shakes up Her Family

A fed-up young woman sparked outrage on Reddit when she revealed that she called her niece a spoiled brat. Some choice words were involved, and it was all the last straw on a mound of tension that had been building for a while. Here is the full story.

Her Sister and Niece Moved in During Troubled Times

OP is a 22-year-old woman who has her own place and works from home. Recently, her 28-year-old sister moved in because she’s getting a divorce.

The sister has a 7-year-old daughter, and she moved in with OP, too. The two-bedroom apartment is cramped, and the three girls constantly run into each other.

OP wouldn’t really mind the space issue, but her niece is pretty rotten. She screams all day long and runs all over the place doing whatever she wants.

OP’s sister is depressed about her divorce and won’t get out of bed some days. And when OP tries to get her to discipline her daughter, it’s like she barely even notices what’s happening around her.

Her Niece Is Wayward and Won’t Listen to a Thing!

OP has tried several times to quieten down her niece herself. But the girl just smirks at her and continues with whatever terror she’s causing.

It’s not just the screaming, either. Not long ago, the niece decided to play games on OP’s laptop when she wasn’t home, even though she had been told not to.

Not surprisingly, the girl spilled milk on the laptop and ruined it. OP was furious, but her sister paid for a new computer so they could keep the peace.

More recently, though, OP came home to find her niece playing with her Nintendo Switch. OP kept the gaming system in her room and had been very clear with the little girl that she was not allowed to go in there or to play with the Switch.

… And She Drew All Over Her Living Room Walls!

OP demanded her niece return the gaming system to her, but the girl ignored her. And when OP’s sister refused to help, OP grabbed the controller from her niece’s hands.

OP returned to her room while her niece rolled on the floor, screaming in rage.

When OP returned sometime later, she found that the girl had drawn all over her living room walls with a Sharpie.

That’s when OP snapped and started yelling back at the little girl. She told her she was a spoiled brat, dropping in an F-bomb or two for emphasis.

She Called Her a Brat

When the niece started screaming even louder, OP’s sister finally woke up and stormed into the room. Then she started yelling at OP for calling her kid a brat.

That was enough for OP. She finally drew a line in the sand.

OP told her sister she had been beyond kind and patient by letting them stay there, but her niece had gone too far. The girl was causing her trouble with her work, and would probably cost her the security deposit on her apartment.

OP finished by telling her sister she needed to get her life together and make her daughter behave, or they could find a new place to live.

She Feels Terrible!

That sent OP’s sister into tears, and she and her daughter disappeared into their room, not to be seen again for hours.

Now, OP feels terrible for flying off the handle and making her sister feel even worse than she already did. But she can’t live like this anymore and needs her sister to step up and care for her niece.

Redditors overwhelmingly support OP’s position. Most think she should boot her sister and niece right away.

At Least the Apartment Is Quiet When Her Niece and Sister Are in Their Room!

Others suggest that all of them might benefit from counseling, though many still think OP should evict her tenants first.

Some commenters half-jokingly point out that at least the apartment is quiet when OP’s sister and niece are locked in their room.

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