Putin and Kim Jong UN’s Secret Talks Raise Concerns of a ‘Nuclear Arms Race’… The World Is Watching

In an unexpected turn, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un recently crossed the Russian border for secret talks with Russian President Vladimir Putin. Here’s the whole story.

Arms Deals and Strategic Cooperation

The timing of Kim’s visit is critical, as it coincides with a Ukrainian counter-offensive against Russian forces.

This escalation in Ukraine has prompted Russia to seek alliances and support from various quarters, including North Korea.

While the precise nature of their discussions remains speculative, arms deals and strategic cooperation are believed to be high on the agenda.

A prominent defense expert, Robert Fox has sounded the alarm regarding the possible consequences of this unexpected meeting.

A “Nuclear Arms Race”?

Speaking to the media, Fox raised concerns about North Korea’s likely objective of securing assistance for its missile program, a move that could potentially trigger a “nuclear arms race.”

“I think we have to look at what Mr. Kim wants out of this,” Fox said.

“He will want help with feeding his population, and also his missile program, which is very dangerous for Ukraine. Also, it is dangerous for the development of the nuclear arms business,” he continued.

“This is the awful thing now, you’ve got a permanent member of the UN, namely Russia, abetting possibly a nuclear arms race promoted by two rogues, North Korea and Iran,” he added.

Putin Has a History of Not Adhering to Agreements

Fox also noted that Putin has a history of not adhering to agreements, making it challenging to predict the outcome of these talks.

“The thing that is very consistent with Putin is he is famous for not sticking to any agreement,” Fox said.

Amidst these concerns, experts believe that China may be orchestrating events from behind the scenes with its considerable influence over both North Korea and Russia.

“They find both North Korea and Russia to be very awkward allies. They will only want this relationship we are now seeing develop further to a certain extent,” Fox explained.

“If Russia Calls for Peace, Will Bibbly Baffling Biden Do the Same?”

“They won’t want it to be a recipe for an endless war in the middle of Europe,” he added.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One user wrote, “If Russia calls for peace, will bibbly baffling Biden do the same, would he get his money back?”

“Two Psycho’s Palling up…be Very Afraid”

Another user added, “Two psycho’s palling up…be very afraid. If the leaders had to lead their troops into battle, as in ancient times, wars would stop overnight.”

Another user commented, “Yes, they will do anything to stop, or in response to, the US putting nuclear-capable long-range missiles in Ukraine, which I have said all along was the American agenda when they orchestrated the change of power from pro-Russia to Zelenskii.”

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