Think Your Child Is Questioning Their Sexuality? – Slow Down! Overeager Mom Outs ‘Obviously’ Gay Son Before He’s Ready

An observant mother divided Reddit after she told her teenage son it was obvious he was gay. He didn’t take too kindly to her, pointing it out. Here is the full story.

Mother Notices a Change

OP is a mother with a son who is 17 years old. The boy has always been very masculine and into girls, but something has changed over the last seven months.

During that time, OP has noticed that her son has really started focusing on his appearance and always dresses very neatly. That would have been out of the norm for him in the past.

OP’s son also obsesses over his hair these days, and he never goes anywhere without smelling great.

OP might normally chalk all of that up to her son maturing and taking an even bigger interest in girls and his appearance. That happens for most kids, after all.

Beyond Buddies

But during those same seven months, OP has noticed that her son has grown super close to one of his friends. That friend is an 18-year-old young man.

The way OP’s son treats this friend goes beyond any mere buddy relationship.

OP knows that the boys share clothes, and her son often babysat his friend. A lot of the time that involves telling the other boy how handsome he is.

The two boys are almost always together, too. And most of the time, OP is around them; they’re sitting so close to each other that they’re basically cuddling.

The kicker for OP is that her son has lots of friends over at his house at various times. Whoever those friends are, they usually end up spending time in OP’s room.

A Closed Door

But OP’s son only closes the door to his room when the one particular guy friend is around.

It’s been obvious to OP for quite a while that her son and the other young man are in a relationship. She didn’t think much of it beyond that.

Recently, though, OP and her husband were planning a family trip. As the day approached, OP asked her son if he wanted to bring his boyfriend along.

OP could see right away that her son felt awkward about the question and like she had put him on the spot.

The boy snapped at OP and told her that her joke wasn’t funny.

Insisting He’s Straight

OP laughed a little and asked her son what he meant. He responded that he was straight and repeated that he did not appreciate her joke.

That’s when OP realized the situation was a little more serious than she had thought. 

OP told her son that it was obvious he and the other boy were in a relationship. She also said he was doing a terrible job hiding it if that was his goal.

At that point, the boy panicked and begged OP not to tell his dad. 

As OP tried to process what was happening, her son got mad at her. He said he was embarrassed that she had outed him.

Follow His Lead

Now, OP feels awful for making her son feel uncomfortable and maybe even a little unsafe.

But her intention wasn’t to make trouble for her son. OP was just trying to include his boyfriend in a family outing.

Redditors are divided on this situation. Many of them think OP’s question was innocent enough and that she didn’t mean any harm. Some also think she came off as being accepting and inviting of her son’s boyfriend.

Several, though, empathize with the son and say that he likely feels attacked because he wasn’t ready to discuss his sexuality, especially not with his mom.

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