Racial Tensions Boil Over in Florida – Black Surfer’s Board Symbolically ‘Lynched’ on Jupiter Beach

Florida’s Jupiter Beach became the stage for a disturbing incident that underscored the ongoing struggle against racism. Here’s the whole story.

A Black Surfer Was “Not Welcome”

The incident unfolded after Andrew Sherlock Mills, a black surfer, engaged in a heated exchange with other surfers on the beach.

He reported being assaulted and subjected to derogatory comments, with the individuals involved making it clear he was “not welcome.”

When Mills exited the water, he was met with an unsettling discovery: his surfboard had been nailed to a palm tree, approximately 10 feet above the ground, evoking haunting parallels with the lynching imagery used to symbolize hate.

Mills shared his harrowing experience with the ‘black.surfers’ Instagram account.

“They Nailed It to the Tree Like a Lynching”

He wrote, “This is how real the racism and hate is in Jupiter, Florida.”

“They can’t stand to see a Black man in their waters. I was told I was not welcome. Stole my board when I turned my back and they did this. Said it was a message,” he continued.

“They nailed it to the tree like a lynching,” he concluded.

After Mills posted the incident, the Instagram group ignited a passionate debate.

“It Has Nothing To Do With Your Race, Rather It Has To Do With Your Etiquette”

Some responses attempted to downplay the racial aspect, suggesting that Mills’ experience was tied to his surfing manners rather than his race.

“It has nothing to do with your race, rather it has to do with your etiquette,” one user wrote.

Another user added, “You obviously seem to not understand that still. No one is after you man. None of us are racist.”

However, Mills and his supporters rejected these claims, saying that such arguments cover underlying racism and discrimination.

“Get off Our Beach, You’re Not Welcome Here”

Mills responded, “This happened after I was physically pushed around in the water by two dudes grabbing my board and a third guy screaming, “Get off our beach, you’re not welcome here, and the rest of it.””

“A few locals that were there were apologizing and agreed it was wrong,” he added.

In response to the incident, the black surfer’s group labeled Mills as a “Black surfer, father and husband, who was subjected to racially motivated vandalism and a symbolic lynching of his board.”

“What’s Done in the Dark Must Be Brought to the Light”

The group wrote, “If you see something, say something. Hold people to account. What’s done in the dark must be brought to the light.”

The Jupiter Police Department announced an investigation into the incident after spotting it on social media.

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