“Racist” Security Guard Kicks a Flash Mob Out of Target

In a video captioned, “This racist Target employee called the police on us for dancing in Target… So we danced anyway,” one TikToker wanted to hold a flash mob in a Target store without permission. When the security guard said they weren’t allowed, she accused the employee of being racist.

Popstar Baby Storme, aka Janice Mofus, caused controversy after a flash mob video shoot at a Target store was shut down by an employee.

Predominantly Black Dance Troupe

Mofus alleged racial discrimination against her predominantly black dance troupe during the flash mob performance. Mofus took to social media to share the incident with her followers, branding the Target employee as “racist” and fueling a wave of reactions.

When the video was posted on X, the social media app’s “Community Notes” were quick to defend the employee, “Target has a clear policy prohibiting this kind of behavior… It’s not right to assume that a Target employee is racist because they are following the store’s policy.”

Mofus and her dancers, dressed in gothic attire, began their flash mob performance, only to be disrupted by the store employees due to safety concerns.

Undeterred, the dancers persevered, with multiple individuals recording the performance, and one can be heard shouting, “Can you move?” at the security guard.

Police Were Called

Mofus expressed her disappointment and frustration over the incident, “At first he said we couldn’t film. But when we stopped filming, he still continued to kick us out, saying that we were a “safety violation,” and that the police were on their way.”

Mofus even admitted that the store was 30 minutes from closing when she and her flash mob came in to disrupt the employees, “Mind you, it was 9.30 and Target closes at 10. The Target that we went to was literally empty, there was no one in there.”

Mixed Social Media Reaction

The incident caused division on social media with many questioning whether the security was being racist, “I’m extremely disappointed.. please do better. This was completely disrespectful to someone’s business,” One put.

One X user even wrote, “’I’m black where was this racist?” before the backlash took an unexpected turn.

Andrew Tate’s brother Tristan called out the woman, claiming, “’If you can’t afford a location to shoot your music video don’t make that somebody else’s problem,” followed by “He isn’t racist.”

Tristan offered to cover the security guard’s legal fees if a defamation lawsuit were pursued, “’Yawn. Somebody find me the security guard, he’s been shown online with his face and labeled a racist by this vile person… ‘I will cover all his legal fees for his defamation lawsuit, which he will win. 1000 dollar reward for putting us in touch,” he wrote.

Target has yet to provide an official response regarding the store location and its stance on the allegations.

Accusations of Racism a Publicity Stunt?

This incident follows a prior confrontation between Mofus and Citibank, where Mofus accused tellers of racial profiling during a deposit attempt.

Mofus’ past accusations against Citibank employees resurfaced, making people question whether she’s accusing employees of racism as a publicity stunt.

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