His Racist Sister-In-Law’s Cruel Comments Snowballed into Destroying Her Life

An up-and-coming chef blew up Reddit when he exposed his sister-in-law’s racist remarks to the world. It set off a chain reaction in the family that might never stop. Here is the whole story.

Culinary Rivals

OP is an Asian man who has been married to his caucasian wife for ten years.

During that time, OP has gotten along well with most of his wife’s family. But he always felt like his father-in-law, and one of his sisters-in-law didn’t really like him.

Part of the issue was a bit of professional rivalry, as both OP and his sister-in-law are accomplished chefs.

In fact, he admits that she is amazing at her job.

Award Winning Chef

But OP is pretty impressive, too, and works at a high-end Chinese restaurant. He has won several awards and is on track to become the executive chef.

Whenever OP and his sister-in-law end up in the kitchen together at family gatherings, though, she constantly criticizes his cooking.

The sister-in-law works at an upscale French restaurant and has a very high opinion of her own skills.

Unwanted “Helpful Hints”

So she’s always offering little “helpful hints” to OP about his cooking.

OP wants to keep the peace in the family, so he just tries to deflect the comments. Usually, he’ll thank his sister-in-law for the advice, then continue on his merry way.

Recently, though, OP and his wife were at his in-laws’ house making dinner for his mother-in-law’s birthday. They got behind schedule, so everything was sort of rushed.

Critical Cook

Right in the middle of his prep, OP’s sister-in-law walked in and had a cow. She said he was doing everything wrong.

That was the last straw for OP, and he told his SIL to stop criticizing his cooking. He was a trained chef just like her and deserved some respect.

That’s when OP’s sister-in-law dropped the bomb that decimated her family.

The SIL looked right at OP and said that “making Kung Pao chicken at some Chinese restaurant doesn’t count” as being a chef.

Calling Her a Racist

OP’s mother-in-law was horrified and screamed at her daughter.

OP himself blew up and called his sister-in-law a racist piece of s*** before storming out and heading home with his wife.

When they got home, OP explained to his wife in more detail what had happened.

She felt terrible about what her sister did but wanted her husband to apologize for walking out.

He Wouldn’t Apologize

But OP refused to apologize when it was his wife’s racist sister who caused all the trouble in the first place.

In the weeks that followed, the entire family broke into so many different fights that OP couldn’t even count them all.

OP’s sister-in-law also couldn’t keep her mouth shut about the incident and was ranting about the whole thing at work.

One of her colleagues reported her to management.

Things Fell Apart

Eventually, one of OP’s wife’s cousins found his original Reddit post and shared it on Facebook, calling out the sister-in-law.

From there, the fighting spilled over to OP’s in-laws, who had apparently been having trouble for years.

When the father-in-law took his daughter’s side, the mother-in-law walked out on him.

Some family and friends tried to rally around OP’s sister-in-law by having them call his restaurant to get him fired.

Her Life Left in Tatters

But his management saw through the whole thing and was offended by the woman’s racism.

In the end, OP’s sister-in-law got demoted and eventually quit her job.

He also hears she has effectively been banned from the restaurant industry in their city.

Now, OP feels terrible that the family is suffering so much, and he even feels bad for his sister-in-law.

Will the Family Ever Recover?

OP never intended for any of this to happen, and he is working with friends in other cities to see if he can find an opening for his sister-in-law.

Redditors were pretty much blown away by OP’s story of racism and family strife.

Many say the sister-in-law and father-in-law got some small taste of what they deserve, but they also think the family won’t ever be the same and may never recover.

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