“Gayest Place in Town” Rainbow Doormat Keeps “Religious Zealots From Knocking on Our Door”

Two religious men were disappointed to find an LGBTQ rainbow doormat outside a door that they were trying to knock on. In the video, captured on a Ring doorbell, the men notice the rainbow doormat and walk away with disappointed looks on their faces.

“Gayest Place in Town”

Jamie Foust and her wife invested in a vibrant doormat with an LGBTQ+ friendly message featuring a rainbow border and the words “gayest place in town.” 

The couple wanted to express their pride and create a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.

The couple’s doormat had an unexpected effect when two men, sporting shirts and ties, approached their front door. 

“Okay… Nope”

Captured on the doorbell camera, the 10-second clip shows the men quickly spotting the doormat. 

One of them could be heard saying, “Okay… nope,” as they decided against knocking on Foust’s door and left. 

Jamie Foust explained in her TikTok caption that the doormat had the “added benefit of keeping religious zealots from knocking on our door to tell us about their god.” 

Abandoning Their ‘Mission’

The bold and colorful design made the men think twice about approaching the house.

Foust decided to share the incident on TikTok, and her video quickly gained attention.

It has gone viral with over 5 million views.

Viewers found humor in the fact that the men couldn’t fulfill their mission to “save” the couple, “Isn’t their job to ‘save’ you? They failed their ‘mission'”

Conveying a Clear Message

People praised the doormat for its effectiveness in warding off unwanted visitors and becoming a symbol of pride and resistance against visitors who don’t follow their beliefs.

The doormat’s rainbow seemed to make the men scared to talk.

The rainbow flag has long been a symbol of LGBTQ+ pride and acceptance, and its presence on the doormat conveyed a clear message to the visitors.

Viewers celebrated the men’s quick retreat with amusement, “👏🏼 AND DON’T COME BACK!!!” One user put.

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