Raycon Net Worth – Raycon Vs Apple Earbuds?

Founded in 2017, Raycon has an experienced board of advisors and management team with collective sales of more than $1 billion in electronic products. Ray J is currently in charge of Raycon’s global branding and marketing strategy.

Raycon Net Worth

Reality star Ray J has started an earbuds company, Raycon, which reportedly makes more than $100 million in sales this year. He has designed earbuds with excellent sound quality.

Sales this year: $100million

Collective Sales: $1Billion

Raycon Vs Apple Earbuds

Ray J’s, or William Ray Norwood Jr, founded Raycon, a wireless headphones company that’s been around for three years. The company has gained millions of customers and has come close to catching up with Apple in such a short period of time.

As an alternative to Apple’s neutral designs at high prices, Raycon offers stylish earbuds at half-price. 

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Wireless earbuds from Raycon start at $79 and provide customers with two things: a wide variety of colors and a powerful bass.

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Ray J: Reality Star to Business tycoon

After working as a reality television personality, Ray J entered the electronics industry in 2015 by launching an electric scooter during the boom of hover boards.

Even though he was successful in establishing a brand, he wanted to expand and grow the business faster by boosting operations and concentrating on a larger market. In a pivotal move, he teamed up with Ray Lee, an electronic entrepreneur from the AGE program.

“When we first started off, we tested everything, Scooters, headphones, smart watches, and everything in between, Over 30 products. Our goal was to find gaps in the market that big companies like Apple were ignoring for customers that they didn’t really care about. The outcome was clear… super personable wireless ear buds for a user base that was growing like crazy.”

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One of the company’s most popular headphones, the E25 Earbuds, sell for $79 compared to $119 for their higher-end counterparts.