Religious Showdown: Dad Accused of Introducing ‘Sinful Speech’ to Daughter’s Vocabulary!

In a recent Reddit post, a user was in a religious conflict. Here’s the whole story.

They Co-Parented Their Daughter

Jake always found himself in a challenging situation with his ex-partner, who had strong religious beliefs and held more traditional and conservative views than he did.

After their divorce, they decided to co-parent their daughter, Kate. As they co-parented their daughter, differences in their parenting styles often led to friction.

One particular area of disagreement centered on Kate’s language. Jake had a more relaxed attitude towards language in his household.

Since no other people were present, he didn’t particularly care about using casual language.

He Didn’t Mind the Occasional Use of Other Profanities

His only concern revolved around slurs, while he didn’t mind the occasional use of other profanities, he would give Kate a hard time if she dropped an f-bomb.

Jake firmly believed that swearing was merely a part of language and didn’t inherently carry any moral connotations.

However, his ex-wife held a stricter perspective. She considered all forms of swearing, especially phrases involving God, Jesus, or Damnation, sinful.

Despite her disapproval, Jake attempted to negotiate a compromise. However, his ex-wife took an uncompromising stance of “my way or the highway” attitude.

“Ungodly Language”

A recent conflict emerged when Kate argued with Jake’s ex and her husband over her younger half-brother’s use of the “J-word.”

The ex blamed Kate for introducing “ungodly language” into their household. During the confrontation, Kate expressed her desire to live with Jake full-time citing her ex’s strictness as a reason.

Now, Jake’s ex was pressuring him to change the rules in his house and accused him of deliberately being lenient to win favoritism as the preferred parent.

Jake acknowledged the potential negative impact of drastically different rules at each parent’s house on children of divorced parents.

Had He Inadvertently Pushed Kate Away From Her Mother?

However, now Jake started questioning whether he had been too stubborn and if his unwillingness to compromise had inadvertently pushed Kate away from her mother.

He took to Reddit to ask whether he was in the wrong in the situation and several Redditors sided with him saying he was not wrong.

One Reddit user wrote, “NTA. Look, every kid has to learn that different houses have different rules. The language you use at Grandma’s dinner table is not the same language you use hanging out with your friends.”

Another Redditor commented, “NTA. Your house, your rules. Her house, her rules. Simple. If your ex’s ridiculous rules are driving your daughter away, that’s on her. Maybe if she had just compromised when you asked, she wouldn’t be in this situation.”

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