Meet Republican ‘Witchfinder General.’ But Can Senate Hopeful Conjure Up Enough Votes to “Vanquish” Witchcraft from Virginia?

In a surprising incident, Virginia’s political landscape has taken a peculiar twist as Republican candidate Hung Cao steps into the spotlight, seeking to unseat Sen and vanquish witchcraft. Here’s the full story.

Overtaken by Witches

Tim Kaine. Cao, a retired Navy veteran, announced his campaign in July, driven by a fervent desire to safeguard his vision of America.

Cao’s platform is anchored in staunch anti-abortion and pro-gun stances, but what went viral was his fervent belief that the state of Virginia is at risk of being overtaken by witches.

In a recent interview with far-right pastor Sean Feucht, Cao explained the pivotal role of mobilizing conservative Christian voters to prevent the encroachment of witchcraft.

Cao said, “There’s a place in Monterey, California called Lover’s Point. The original name was Lovers of Christ Point, but now it’s become — they took out the Christ, it’s Lover’s Point, and it’s really — Monterey’s a very dark place now, a lot of witchcraft, and the Wiccan community has really taken over there. We can’t let that happen in Virginia.”

The Election

With Sen. Tim Kaine seeking a third term after a resounding 16-point victory in 2018, Cao’s unorthodox campaign strategy has caught the attention of many within the GOP.

Riding on the coattails of Governor Glenn Youngkin’s unexpected 2021 triumph, there is a growing belief that the Virginia Senate race could indeed be more competitive come 2024.

According to CNN, he would become the first Vietnamese-American to be elected to the U.S. Senate.

However, it remains uncertain whether Cao himself would resonate with this distinction, as he intriguingly described his identity to Feucht as “African-American because I grew up in Africa, too.”

Keep Him “Far Away From Position of Power”

Several social media users expressed their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “That he says that with a straight face can only mean he is unqualified for any office or military designation.”

Another user added, “Hung Cao wishes to step back into his Time Portal? the 17th century was a lot better?.”

A third user commented, “These are the people who need to be kept as far away from any position of power as humanly possible.”

A fourth user wrote, “I have been in CA for nearly 50 years. Never once met a witch. Wiccans, yes, those women are in most states. I like this kind of candidate— sure to lose. Let’s let MAGA parade them all. They’ll be gone soon.”

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