Revenge: Neighborhood Hero Has Alarming Response to Disruptive Late Night Fireworks

One annoyed neighbor decided to get revenge on his community for their constant fireworks parties at night. He set up a PA and blasted a horrible noise pointed in the direction of the houses in a hilarious TikTok video that’s gone viral.

A Neighborhood Hero

One man, Luke Fosberg, becomes a neighborhood hero after dealing with noisy neighbors in a creative way.

Late-night fireworks rattle the peace and quiet of the neighborhood, sparking frustration.

A clever neighbor sets up a morning alarm through a PA system to give the nuisance neighbors a rude awakening.

The alarm blares at 5:55 AM, ensuring everyone gets the message loud and clear.


The TikTok video showcasing the alarm stunt gained over 3.7 million views. 

The video earned praise from thousands of impressed viewers.

Some call the man petty for his actions, “My kind of petty.”

One user said, “No if this man was petty he would have play baby shark on 60 minute loop.”

A Firework Battleground

As expected, the annoyed neighbors retaliate, launching fireworks in response.

The fireworks showdown intensifies, and the neighborhood becomes a battleground.

In another video, Fosburg updates followers on the ongoing war, with fireworks continuing late into the night.

As tensions rise, some residents choose to leave the neighborhood.

Do you think this is a petty reaction? Would you have done the same thing? We want to hear from you in the comments!

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