Revenge Served Cold! His Epic Retaliation After Bosses Stole His Bonus and Fired Him!

This story of revenge comes to us from Dean. After getting his bonus stolen and being let go from his first “proper” job for trying too hard, he got his own back on the people responsible years later. Let’s take a look.

He Embarked on a Promising Career

Dean was a young man in his early 20s, embarking on a promising career in sales he secured a junior sales role at a prominent firm.

There, he reported to two senior members: a mid-level saleswoman and the head of sales.

While the position was supportive, Dean was proactive.

He was still learning and would ask how they wanted things done, for instance, how they wanted their reports formatted. He hoped they would guide him.

They Misconstrued His Proactive Approach.

Dean believed that he’d be better equipped to meet their needs by understanding their preferences. However, they misconstrued his proactive approach.

Instead of seeing a budding salesperson eager to learn, the senior members misinterpreted his actions as signs of incompetence.

The head of sales took advantage of Dean’s naivety, stealing the junior salesperson’s first bonus for himself!

It wasn’t a substantial amount for the senior, but for Dean, it represented a significant portion of his earnings.

Their Relationship Soured

When Dean approached him for an explanation, pointing out that the bonus had been due to his efforts, the senior simply brushed him off, refusing to give Dean his due.

The relationship between Dean and his senior members soured rapidly.

They called him into a room a few weeks after the bonus incident. With a tone that offered no room for discussion, the saleswoman stated, “It’s just not working out.”

The head of sales followed suit, telling Dean they were letting him go.

He Found a New Position at a Smaller Yet Highly Successful Firm

Confused and seeking clarity, Dean asked for a more concrete reason, given his consistent performance. But no real explanation was ever offered.

Following this setback, Dean searched for a new opportunity for a couple of months. His perseverance paid off when he found a position at a smaller yet highly successful firm.

This company recognized Dean’s potential, offering him the mentorship he had initially wanted. Under their guidance, Dean thrived, quickly becoming a valuable team member.

Two years passed, and in a twist of fate, Dean’s former firm shut down in the region.

Stolen Bonuses

One day, as Dean was walking past the boardroom at his new company, he spotted the head of sales – the very man who had taken his bonus – interviewing for a position!

Their eyes met briefly, an unspoken recognition passing between them.

Later that day, Dean took the opportunity to discreetly inform his current boss about his past experience with the senior, highlighting the stolen bonus incident.

Recognizing the importance of trust in their tight-knit team, the decision was clear. They did not hire the senior, who, unfortunately, faced two years of unemployment.

Karma Was Working In His Favor

Dean couldn’t help but think karma was working in his favor.

Several years later, with Dean now in a prominent role at a new company, the tables turned once again.

The mid-level saleswoman, now working for a different firm and selling rather basic products, reached out to him.

She praised Dean’s past work with fake friendliness and tried to secure his business.

“It Just Won’t Work Out”

Sensing an opportunity, Dean asked for an official quote and proposal, fully aware that this would take hours of her time.

At the same time, he strategically withdrew a large portion of business from her company. The result? She missed out on a sizable bonus!

Upon discovering the loss, the saleswoman, now frantic, contacted Dean. She also copied her boss into the email – this guy was someone Dean had known for years, and they got along well.

In a move that brought their shared history full circle, Dean responded with the same vague reasoning she once used on him: “It just won’t work out.”

His Revenge May Have Taken Years, but It Was Incredibly Sweet!

He told her boss that he decided to switch companies because he found her “approach to business dealings insincere.”

The consequences of this move were immediate. The saleswoman’s employer, realizing the value of Dean’s business, let her go within a month!

Dean’s revenge may have taken years, but it was incredibly sweet!

Redditors loved Dean’s revenge. One user aptly said, “That’s why they say to be careful how you treat people on your way up; you might meet them again on your way back down.”

Have you ever got your own revenge on a horrible boss? What happened?

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