“Beautiful Petty Revenge” Stood up for a Job Interview – So He Left the Business Some ‘Donuts’ for the Disrespect!

Mo embarked on a job interview adventure that left him absolutely fuming! What unfolded next will leave you stunned.

Job Hunt Takes an Intriguing Turn

Mo had a job already, but he thought it might be worth exploring new opportunities. 

About a week ago, he came across a job listing that looked promising. It offered good pay and involved work that Mo genuinely enjoyed.

The only hitch was that it was a 35-minute drive out of town. Despite this minor inconvenience, Mo decided to explore this potential career move.

Mo got the conversation rolling with the business owner through their messaging platform. The owner seemed friendly, and Mo felt like he might be onto something good. 

Negotiating a Meeting Time 

He mentioned to the owner that he already had a job, working from 7 a.m. to 3:10 p.m. daily.

The potential boss understood but suggested a meeting at 3:30 p.m.

Mo, not wanting to upset his potential new boss, explained that making it by 3:30 was pretty much impossible due to the 35-minute drive.

He explained that he could leave his current job at 3:10 and, with the drive, would likely arrive around 3:40.

Ending on a Positive Note

To make sure everything went smoothly, he gave the owner his phone number in case of any last-minute changes. 

The conversation ended on a positive note, and Mo was super hopeful about the upcoming meeting.

Mo was determined when he set out for the meeting. He drove with purpose, aiming to arrive on time.

To his delight, he reached the location at 3:37!

Where Is He?! 

However, Mo soon encountered an unexpected sight. As he got there, he saw with shock – the business was closed, and the owner was nowhere in sight! So he decided to investigate. 

Mo noticed two teenagers nearby, handling some materials.

Approaching them, he politely asked about their boss’s whereabouts, explaining he had a scheduled meeting.

One of the teenagers told Mo that the boss had left a few minutes ago but offered to call the boss to get him to come back.

A Baffling Message from the Boss

He made the call, but what followed was outrageous.

The teenager, seemingly amused and in disbelief, relayed the boss’s message, leaving Mo completely bewildered. “He says to go home,” he told Mo with an awkward chuckle.

Mo asked the teenager to repeat what he’d just heard. In a tone filled with disbelief, the teenager reaffirmed the boss’s message, saying, “He said go home.”

What. A. Joke. Mo couldn’t believe what a complete lack of disrespect he’d just witnessed.

Leaving a Mark 

Now facing another 35-minute drive back home, Mo was fuming. So, he decided to make a very unconventional farewell.

Instead of taking the gravel driveway back onto the highway, he left behind a parting gift on the business’s front lawn – a set of donut tire skid marks from his car as he peeled out of there!

It wasn’t long before the boss tried to reach out to him with a call from a private number.

Boss’s Fury

Since he was driving at the time, Mo let the call go to voicemail. Later, when he listened to the message, it only reinforced his earlier suspicion.

The negative reviews he had stumbled upon about this business owner now seemed all too believable!

Mo decided that this guy might not be the person to work for – a bullet well dodged.

Redditors loved his story. One user said, “Sweet, sweet, beautiful petty revenge. So simple, yet so effective.”

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