Rich Aunt Offers to Fund Niece’s Boarding School, She Sparks Family Argument Over ‘Buying’ Loyalty!

A helpful aunt took to Reddit for opinions after offering to pay for her niece to attend boarding school. Let’s say her sister-in-law wasn’t all that excited about the idea. Here is the whole story.

They Give Their Daughter Everything She Needs

OP and her husband have a 10-year-old daughter and live a very comfortable lifestyle. They moved away from their home country three years ago.

OP’s brother has an 11-year-old daughter, but the two girls are in the same grade in school. The cousins have been close throughout their lives.

The brother’s daughter even visits OP and her family during the summer. OP and her husband pay for those visits.

The money is no big deal for OP and her husband, who have good jobs. They take trips, give their daughter everything she needs, and generally have plenty of money.

His Parents Are Happy if He Is!

That’s all in line with the way OP grew up. She and her brother attended private schools, and their family took expensive trips abroad.

But OP’s sister-in-law grew up with more modest means and never had the luxuries that OP and her brother did.

And OP’s brother chose a line of work that doesn’t pay much. So his family can’t afford to live like he did as a kid.

As far as OP is concerned, nothing else matters if her brother is happy and provides for his family. But their parents are disappointed in their son and always pressure him to improve.

Their Daughters Were Excited About Going To Boarding School Together

Recently, OP’s daughter decided she wanted to attend boarding school for the next academic year. OP knows what boarding school is like, and she wouldn’t necessarily have picked it for her daughter.

OP also isn’t keen on her child living an hour away from her at a still-young age. But OP and her husband try to give their daughter options, and this is one they can afford. And it’s the one she chose.

The problem is that OP’s daughter also made plans with her cousin. It seems the two girls were very excited about going to boarding school together.

When OP learned about those plans, she tried to temper her daughter’s excitement. She also reminded the girl that her cousin’s parents would have the final say in whether she could go to boarding school.

She Told Her ‘Poorer’ Brother She’d Pay For His Daughter’s Education

OP’s daughter seemed to understand, but OP had a card up her sleeve.

OP talked it over with her husband, then called her brother. She told him about the girls’ plans and that her daughter would attend boarding school.

Then OP told her brother that she and her husband would gladly pay for his daughter to attend the same boarding school.

Since the school was in a different country from where the brother lived, OP would also be her niece’s emergency contact and keep an eye on her.

But Sil Was Furious and Accused Her of Manipulating Her Daughter

OP’s brother was thrilled with the idea, and OP later talked to her parents about it. They were ecstatic, too.

But a few days later, OP’s sister-in-law started texting OP and was furious. The sister-in-law accused OP of trying to steal her daughter and using money to manipulate the whole family.

The attack blindsided OP since her brother was so happy with her offer. She wants to pay for her niece’s school but doesn’t want to tear the family apart.

And to make matters worse, OP’s husband told her that he agrees with the sister-in-law about the family’s money. He thinks it’s tough to measure up to their standards sometimes.

Her Offer Was Very Generous and Will Give Her Niece Some Great Opportunities…

For the most part, Redditors think that OP didn’t do anything wrong. They think her offer was very generous and will give her niece some great opportunities.

But many of the commenters take her brother to task. They say it’s obvious he didn’t clear the idea with his wife before accepting his sister’s offer.

If there’s anyone to blame for the family strife in this situation, they say, it’s him.

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