Richard Allen’s Lawyers Say White Supremacists and a Norse Cult Responsible for Delphi Slayings

Lawyers for the man charged with the 2017 slaying of two Indiana girls have a new theory of their own about the crimes. And they’re naming names. Here’s what’s happening.

Tragic Disappearance

The afternoon of February 13, 2017, was unseasonably warm and pleasant in the northern Indiana town of Delphi. 

So 13-year-old Abigail Williams and 14-year-old Liberty German headed to a local park to soak up some rays before another winter night set in.

But when neither girl came home that night, it set off a frantic manhunt that ended with the tragic discovery of their bodies around noon the next day, Valentine’s Day.

Search for the Killers

The case of Abby and Libby made national headlines and sent local police, the FBI, and internet sleuths into a years-long search for their killer or killers.

Then suddenly, and seemingly out of nowhere, a Delphi man named Richard Allen was arrested late in 2022, more than five years after the crimes had occurred.

It was a shocking development for most followers of the case, many of whom thought the trail had gone completely cold.

Surpise Suspect Arrested

And even in the true crime community of podcasters and YouTubers, Allen’s name had never really surfaced.

There were a handful of other suspects who were talked about often, including convicted pedophile Keegan Kline and his father. And there were more theories about the crime than you could count.

But Allen and his arrest seemed to have materialized from thin air for those who weren’t part of the slow, methodical investigation in the first place.

Lawyers Blaming a White Nationalist Group

And now, after nearly a year in custody and a series of legal wranglings, Allen’s lawyers say there’s a good reason why he was never on the national radar.

That’s because Richard Allen is innocent, according to those attorneys. And, not only do they have evidence that points to someone else, they’re ready to name names.

In documents filed with the court in mid-September, Allen attorneys Andrew Baldwin and Brad Rozzi said that Abby and Libby were killed by a group of Odinists, a white nationalist group.

Ritualistic Markings Found

The filing also says that the Odinists are followers of a pagan Norse religion.

In the documents, Baldwin and Rozzi say that ritualistic markings were found near the girls’ bodies and that police even followed the Odinist theory.

In fact, say the lawyers, investigators went so far as to pinpoint and interview members of two Indiana groups connected to Odinism. But that line of investigation was abandoned.

Faulty Search Warrant?

On the other hand, say the attorneys, there is no evidence at all to connect Allen to any Odinist sect

The documents also go on to name several specific suspects based on the Odinism angle. None of the people have ever been charged with the crimes, and it’s unclear whether investigators also consider them suspects.

Another thrust of the September filing was a motion to have evidence collected from Allen’s home thrown out on the grounds the search warrant was obtained on “faulty grounds.”

Odinist Connection?

Is this all a case of lawyers throwing everything at the legal wall to see if something will stick? Or could there be a grain of truth to the Odinist connection?

The world will have to wait for the courts to respond before we find out what’s next in this long, winding, and tragic case. 

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