Romantic or Reckless? A Man’s Surprise Proposal at His Girlfriend’s Graduation Sparks a 2 Million-Strong Heated Debate Online!

Graduation day is one of the most memorable moments in a person’s life. This Newcastle University student’s graduation day became more memorable when her boyfriend surprised her at their graduation event with a marriage proposal. Here’s the full story.

A Life-Altering Proposal

As the ceremony commenced, the young graduate made her way toward the stage, ready to receive her well-deserved diploma.

Little did she know that her boyfriend, her boyfriend through many years, was about to surprise her with a life-altering proposal.

In a heartwarming gesture, he got down on one knee, ring in hand, and asked her to be his wife.

The entire spectacle was caught on camera and shared by Newcastle University on their Twitter handle.

“Do You Know What the Worst Thing About This Is? All of It”

The video quickly went viral, garnering a staggering 2.1 million views in just one day. However, as with any viral event, social media users wasted no time voicing their opinions.

Amidst the overwhelmingly positive responses, several Twitter users expressed their discontent. They accused the groom-to-be of stealing his fiancé’s limelight and hijacking her graduation experience.

They argued that such a public proposal shifted the focus from the woman’s academic achievements to the romantic gesture.

One Twitter user wrote, “Do you know what the worst thing about this is? All of it.”


Others echoed this sentiment, labeling the act as “awful” and “selfish.” A user wrote, “Note for men, DO NOT DO THIS!!! This moment was not about you.”

Some argued that such grand gestures can put undue pressure on the person being proposed to, making them feel like they need to perform for the crowd.

One user wrote, “Mass public proposals mean your intended feels pushed to perform for the crowd, meaning they can’t express the emotion or response they want.”

A third user wrote, “If you want to spend your life with someone, know what things are about intimacy and romance, and what is about your ego… I can assure you, nothing about this is romantic.”

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