Ron Desantis, the ‘Anti-Woke Crusader’, Slams the Biden Family and Says “When I’m President We Are Not Going To Allow Any Cocaine in the White House”

Ron DeSantis is making his mark in the early stages of the 2024 presidential race with a renewed and combative campaign, choosing to direct his criticism towards the Biden family rather than his chief rival, former President Donald Trump. Here’s the full story.

He Calls Himself the ‘Anti-Woke Crusader’

On a recent campaign trail in Iowa, DeSantis showcased his “Never Back Down” bus tour, touching upon several contentious topics ranging from family issues to educational reforms and Trump’s legal woes.

Amid all this, DeSantis is vying to position himself as an anti-woke crusader while trying to chip away at Trump’s commanding lead in the polls.

Addressing the crowd, DeSantis took jabs at the Biden family saying, “When I’m president we are not going to allow any cocaine in the White House.”

Although there was no evidence linking it to Hunter Biden, DeSantis sought to draw a connection to the first son by mentioning his own children.

He Focuses on Contentious Educational Issues

“I do have to say, I have a 6, a 5, and a 3-year-old that my wife and I chase around the governor’s mansion in Tallahassee and so I can’t necessarily promise there won’t be problems in the White House with them,” DeSantis said.

The Florida governor’s campaign also focused on contentious issues in education, where he vehemently opposed “Critical Race Theory” and what he termed as “gender ideology.”

DeSantis argued that parents should have the authority to decide what their children are taught in schools, dismissing the notion that Biden should dictate such matters, especially given the President’s strained relationship with his granddaughter.

He said, “Wait a minute, who are you to decide that they’re your kids? And first of all, this is a guy who hasn’t even visited his granddaughter in Arkansas.”

He Promises To Make Tangible Changes

DeSantis mentioned Hunter Biden again when refuting the idea that he was banning books in Florida.

“In Florida, you can get every book you want … if you want to look at adult material don’t jam it into somebody’s fifth-grade classroom, go look at Hunter’s laptop for all I care,” DeSantis said to a cheering crowd.

Also, DeSantis called for a single standard of justice in the country, expressing surprise at a judge’s decision to put a hold on Hunter Biden’s plea deal.

He also highlighted his achievements in Florida, such as raising teachers’ salaries and promoting environmental restoration projects in the Everglades, to showcase his potential as a presidential candidate capable of making tangible changes.

“Could Probably Update the Material”

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

One Twitter user wrote, “Ron’s trying to rewrite his campaign’s history? At least he’s consistent.”

Another user commented, “Are we still doing the basement line for Biden? Could probably update the material.”

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