Roommate Drama: Is She in the Wrong for Telling Her Anorexic Roommate to Wrap Up Warm Because the Heat Is Affecting Her Health?

Meet Helen and Lisa, two 23-year-old roommates caught in a summertime dilemma. As the temperature outside rises, so does the tension in their apartment. Helen craves the relief of air conditioning after her long, hot days at work, while Lisa, recovering from anorexia, struggles with the chill. What started as a simple disagreement over the thermostat soon evolved into a heated debate. Let’s take a look at the situation.

Two Housemates – One Hot, One Cold

Meet Helen and Lisa, two 23-year-old females sharing an apartment and a challenging situation. The issue at hand revolved around the temperature setting in their apartment. 

Where they lived, the temperature was reaching the 90s Fahrenheit, which was proving to be quite challenging for Helen, who worked a physically demanding outdoor job.

Every day, she returned home sweaty, exhausted, and craving the cooling comfort of their air conditioner. Helen preferred keeping the apartment air-conditioned. 

After a hard day’s work, she would come home, switch on the AC, and go to sleep, only to wake up in the middle of the night, drenched in sweat. 

The Excessive Heat Was Causing Her Sleep Disturbances

Helen soon realized that Lisa was turning off the AC while she was asleep.

This irked Helen; not only was the excessive heat causing her sleep disturbances, but it was also dehydrating her, leaving her even more fatigued, which was affecting her performance at work.

Initially, Helen thought that Lisa’s concern was financial, considering she was currently unemployed. Determined to resolve the issue, Helen approached Lisa. 

She explained her sensitivity to heat, especially given her physically demanding job and her desire to benefit from the AC, especially after long days of work. 

And It Was Affecting Her Health and Work

She also highlighted the negative impact the heat was having on her health and productivity and even offered to cover part of Lisa’s share of the power bill.

However, Lisa’s concern wasn’t about the power bill. Lisa disclosed that she turned off the AC because the apartment became too cold for her comfort.

As a recovering anorexic, she was exceptionally sensitive to cold, and she felt Helen was not prioritizing her needs.

Helen suggested that Lisa could wrap herself in blankets or wear a sweater if she found the apartment too cold while emphasizing that she herself found the heat unbearable.

Her Roommate Said She Was Insensitive

As a solution, she proposed finding a middle ground that catered to both of their needs. 

When Lisa pushed back, saying that Helen wasn’t being considerate of her condition, Helen countered, stating, “I’m sympathetic to your situation, but that is your problem and not mine, and it is starting to have a negative impact on me.”

This response angered Lisa, who accused Helen of being insensitive.

The interaction left Helen feeling conflicted, especially since she, too, had struggled with eating disorders in the past.

Was She in the Wrong?

Was she in the wrong for how she responded to Lisa’s concerns? She took to Reddit to find out what they thought.

Redditors thought that Helen was not at fault. They emphasized the importance of coping mechanisms for recovery and pointed out that making others uncomfortable for personal comfort wasn’t part of this process.

They also highlighted the idea of compromise, and if it was not possible, they advised Helen to seek alternative accommodation.

“It’s Much Easier to Bundle up To Stay Warm”

One user said, “I’ll say NTA. I grew up in -0 temps. Later I moved to where temps reach over 100 degrees. It’s much easier to bundle up to stay warm than it is to remove layers and cool down. There’s only so much removing you can do.”

Another said, “Being too cold is a lot easier to deal with than the heat. Why doesn’t she just wear more layers or blankets? I have a condition where my body can’t regulate temperature, so I am very sympathetic when it comes to being too hot. NTA”

What do you think about this situation? Was Helen in the wrong, or was her response justified? What could be a fair resolution to their problem?

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