Running for His Life: From Marathons to Gunpoint Encounters, His Perilous Quest Across Africa

With the help of his brave team, this guy is attempting to run the entire length of Africa by powering through over a staggering 55km each day while living out of a van and enduring the dangers of being exposed in such a dangerous part of the world. This heartbreaking and inspiring update explains when the team was robbed of their cameras, phones, and even passports while having guns pointed directly at them.

A Quest To Run the Length of Africa

In an awe-inspiring quest to become the first person to run the entire length of Africa, “The Hardest Geezer”, whose real name is Russ, has captured the hearts of social media.

Russ and his team face various challenges as they live out of a humble van.

Their journey has been anything but smooth from attempted robberies to urinating blood.

The latest incident Russ shared on Twitter has shocked the online community and left us on the edge of our seats.

A Heart-Stopping Encounter

Russ’s viral tweet, which reads, “Nothing like a gun being pointed at your face to let you know you’re alive. Lively one today,” offers a glimpse into the heart-stopping encounter he recently experienced.

The day started like any other, with Russ and his team tackling the grueling miles and enduring the physical demands of their inspiring mission.

Taking a lunch break in their trusty van, they engaged in their usual banter.

Without warning, a group of men forced open the van, waving their guns and demanding everything the team possessed.

An Infamously Bad Situation

“Desperate blokes with guns pointed. It’s an infamously bad situation to find yourself on the end of. Proper spot of bother,” he writes.

Despite the fear and chaos, Russ and his teammates escaped physical harm.

“None of us got killed or injured. We didn’t let them march us out the van. But we did lose a lot of our gear.”

Refusing to be led away from the van showed remarkable courage in the face of adversity.

Fueled by a Determination

Unfortunately, their cameras, iPhones, cash, passports, and other essential items were ruthlessly snatched away. “A couple of cameras, two iPhones, all of our cash, passports and few other bits,” Russ so calmly says.

Russ describes the harrowing incident as a “rough gig,” but he also sees the silver lining: they survived the encounter, which could have been far worse.

Local law enforcement authorities are working to assist them in getting their essential items back.

Russ and his team face challenges from every direction. Yet, they press on, fueled by a determination to conquer their goal despite the dangers.

“How You’ve Got the Mental Strength To Consider Going On Is Remarkable!”

Twitter has responded quickly, expressing concern and admiration for Russ and his team.

One user, @officialvizeh states, “Hope you’re ok lads, this must be an awful thing to go through. How you’ve got the mental strength to consider going on is remarkable!”

Another user admits the terrifying truth, “Glad you’re all safe at least. Gear is just gear at the end of the day. Good job not leaving the van, though or they’d have had everything, possibly even kidnapped you.”


The team’s recent videos reveal medical emergencies such as urinating blood, pushing through illness, and even more attempted robberies.

You can keep up to date with all that’s going on during the team’s mission to run the entire length of Africa on Russ’s social media accounts @TheHardestGeezer.

Join the conversation and share your thoughts on this extraordinary journey and the bravery Russ and his team exhibited by leaving a comment on this post!

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