Russia “Raised a Second Hitler” – Now Zelenskyy Warns ‘We Must Brace for World War III’

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy thinks Vladimir Putin has something bigger than the current invasion on his mind. And the historical comparison Zelenskyy makes is a chilling reminder of what’s at stake. Here’s the full story.

Ukraine Is Just the Beginning

In a recent interview on 60 Minutes, Zelenskyy told Scott Pelley that the world is on the verge of another global war. “If Ukraine falls, what will happen in ten years?” the Ukraine president asked rhetorically.

He then pointed the finger squarely at the Russian people, saying they had elected Vladimir Putin and nurtured the dictatorship that has grown in Russia during the 21st century.

Russian citizens have “raised a second Hitler,” according to Zelnskyy. And he says the world has to stop Russia in its tracks if we don’t want history to repeat itself.

Zelenskyy goes on to say that Poland is likely Putin’s next target and that the Russian president is just waiting for the right moment to expand his war efforts.

US Instability

The moment will be right when Putin feels like Europe and, especially, the United States are unstable. 

Zelenskyy thinks the 2024 presidential election could give Putin just the opening he’s looking for since the U.S. will be busy infighting over politics.

And Zelenskyy himself is concerned over the seesaw battle and constant name-calling between the American left and right. The election figures have a direct impact on the support Ukraine receives from the U.S.

Military aid from the U.S. has come at a slow trickle from Zelenskyy’s perspective, but it has been critical to Ukraine’s war efforts.

And he says he’s thankful that President Biden has continued to provide that support. But if Donald Trump or another Republican wins the White House, there’s no guarantee that will continue.

“As Much as It Takes”

When Pelley asked Zelenskyy how much more money Ukraine would need from the United States before the war was over, the president didn’t have a firm answer.

But what he did say amounted to basically, “as much as it takes to stop the new Hitler.”

Does the world want to stop Putin? Or does it want to kick off the Third World War?

Those were the choices Zelenskyy laid out on the table, pointing out that Putin has used the constant threat of nuclear strikes as a deterrent to helping Ukraine.

And Zelenskyy only sees those threats increasing as Putin looks to further crumble stability in the U.S. and its allies.

Election Season Will See Putin Escalate

The Ukraine president thinks we’ll see Putin ramp up those threats significantly as the 2024 American election season really gets rolling in the next few months.

The threat of a nuclear war with Russia and allies like China and North Korea will no doubt color the debates around who should be leading the U.S. as Commander in Chief.

Who is Zelenskyy rooting for in the race for the White House? He doesn’t tip his hand on that one during the 60 Minutes interview.

Anyone who’s up for helping to stop the “new Hitler” is probably just dandy in Zelenskyy’s book at this point.

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