Russia State-Run TV Promotes a Tucker Carlson Show – “American Presenter Is Moving to Another Level. Here”

Russian television news channel Rossiya 24 has created quite a buzz by airing a teaser for an upcoming weekend show featuring none other than former Fox News journalist Tucker Carlson. The teaser has left viewers, and Carlson fans intrigued, but many questions remain unanswered.

Tucker Carlson Is on Russian TV

Unlike the typical transparency expected in journalism, the state-run broadcaster did not specify whether this show would feature original content or simply be a translation of Carlson’s regular English-language videos.

The trailer first made its appearance earlier this month but resurfaced on September 22nd, accompanied by the enigmatic phrase “on the weekend.” Unfortunately, no further details were provided regarding the show’s format, content, or schedule.

In the teaser, Tucker Carlson is seen repeatedly uttering the word “Russia” in a montage of clips spliced together from his previous broadcasts. 

The teaser culminates with a clip of him saying “24,” with on-screen text that reads, “The high-profile American presenter is moving to another level. Here.”

Influencing the Agenda 

Tucker Carlson has had an arguably huge influence on American media.

During his tenure at Fox News, he was consistently the highest-rated cable TV host. His late-night political talk show, which ran from 2016 to 2023, played a pivotal role in shaping conservative talking points and influencing the Republican party’s agenda.

Carlson’s show employed populist conservative takes on a variety of issues, including gender, crime, race, immigration, and sexuality. 

It often delved into discussions of “woke” ideology, a term frequently used to critique progressive social stances.

Fox’s False Claims 

Carlson’s show became embroiled in controversy during the 2020 presidential election.

Dominion, a voting machine company, filed a lawsuit against Fox News over its reporting of the election, in which Fox cited false claims that Dominion’s machines were rigged against Donald Trump. 

The lawsuit concluded with Fox News agreeing to a settlement of $787.5 million (£642 million), and Carlson left the network shortly after, with many speculating the lawsuit loss was the reason for his dismissal.

Echoing the Kremlin

Russian state TV channels have previously referenced Carlson’s shows, particularly because of his tendency to echo Kremlin claims concerning Ukraine. 

This connection between Carlson’s commentary and Russian interests raised questions and debates online about his motivations.

One user on X speculated, “It’s what he’s all about. Could he be getting paid by Russia?” while another thought, “Russians appreciate interesting and intelligent TV hosts.”

After departing Fox News, Tucker Carlson launched a new show on Twitter titled “Tucker on Twitter.” 

If Rossiya 24 plans to air translations of Carlson’s broadcasts, it wouldn’t be the first Russian entity to do so. 

Carlson Denials Involvement

The YouTube channel KarlsonTV has been translating and publishing some of Carlson’s shows in Russian for the past five years, amassing over one million subscribers in the process. KarlsonTV has also extended its translation efforts to include clips from Carlson’s newer shows.

Carlson denies any involvement with the show.

He said, “I have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve never heard of this or the channel. Of course I’m not hosting a show on Russian television. That’s absurd.”

However, despite Carlson’s statement, speculation remains rife online.

As the intrigue surrounding Tucker Carlson’s potential venture into Russian television deepens, viewers, both in Russia and around the world, will be eagerly awaiting further details.

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