“Russian Pawn”? Rudy Giuliani Suing President Biden for Something He Said 3 Years Ago

Rudy Giuliani has decided to sue President Joe Biden over something he said during a presidential debate about 3 years ago. Biden referred to Giuliani as a “Russian pawn,” and now the former New York City mayor is trying to capitalize on it by bringing a lawsuit against him.

Trying to Turn Things Around

Rudy Giuliani is having a rough week, to put it mildly. The New York Times published a report about how he might be struggling with a drinking problem right now, which he has denied. The IRS filed a lien against one of his properties because he reportedly owes more than $500,000 in back taxes.

And he has lost not one but two attorneys who were representing him in his Georgia felony racketeering case — just weeks after a separate set of lawyers sued him for unpaid legal bills. But it seems as though the former New York City mayor is determined to make the most of his bad week by filing a lawsuit against President Joe Biden.

Suing the President

It’s not often that you see someone take aim at a sitting president with a lawsuit. But Giuliani believes President Biden should be forced to pay him for something he said about him back in 2020 during a presidential debate.

Even though it’s been about 3 years now since the comment in question was made, Giuliani chose to file his lawsuit in New Hampshire, which has relatively strict defamation laws compared with other states throughout the country. Giuliani thinks this could enable him to score a legal victory.

Understanding What the President Said

So, what is it that President Biden said about Giuliani that got under his skin and prompted him to file a lawsuit? Well, in the middle of a Presidential debate that took place in Nashville, Biden suggested Russian forces were feeding Giuliani false information in an attempt to help get Donald Trump reelected.

“His buddy Rudy Giuliani, he’s being used as a Russian pawn,” Biden said. “He’s being fed information that is Russian, that is not true. And then what happens? Nothing happens. And then you find out that everything is going on here about Russia is wanting to make sure that I do not get elected the next President of the United States because they know I know them and they know me.”

Assessing Giuliani’s Case

During a press conference that Giuliani held this week, he said Biden’s comment about him being a “Russian pawn” isn’t true. He also said he has been personally harmed by the comment and wants to be compensated for it.

But those in the legal community don’t necessarily think Giuliani has a very strong case on his hands. Reports released back in 2021 showed a connection between Giuliani and an ex-Ukranian lawmaker with ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. They discovered that this lawmaker provided Giuliani with fake news about Biden during their meetings.

Looking for a Motive

Some people believe more than just money might be at stake when it comes to Giuliani filing a lawsuit against Biden. They think it might also be payback for the lawsuit that Biden’s son Hunter filed against Giuliani in recent weeks.

In his lawsuit, Hunter Biden has accused Giuliani and another lawyer of gaining access to a laptop computer he had allegedly taken to a Delaware computer repair shop. But Giuliani claims Hunter Biden’s lawsuit against him doesn’t have anything to do with the lawsuit he filed against President Biden.

Footing the Bill?

Because of the financial troubles that Giuliani appears to be dealing with, there has been speculation about how he’s going to be able to pay a lawyer to represent him in his case against Biden.

But one of his lawyers Lou Diamond was by Giuliani’s side when he announced that he was filing a lawsuit. He said that getting paid by Giuliani was the “furthest thing” from his mind.

He also claimed that he plans to see Giuliani’s lawsuit through to the end. “When I say he’s my friend, he is my friend,” Diamond said. “And he’s the friend of the country. He is America’s mayor.”

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