Russians Believe Prigozhin Faked His Own Death – His Past Shenanigans Back Up That Theory!

Due to his extravagant past, ex-Wagner leader Yevgeny Prigozhin might have been on that ill-fated plane crash back in August, with many Russians believing he’s made the perfect escape plan.

2019 Reappearance After Plane Crash

In 2019, Yevgeny Prigozhin was reported dead after a plane crash in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, only for a stunning twist to prevail.

Just three days later, Prigozhin shockingly resurfaced, debunking reports of his demise and leaving many puzzled.

Prigozhin’s business jet crashed again back in August, with Kremlin reports suggesting he was killed, but how can we trust that?

Mystery Surrounds the 2023 Plane Crash

Doubt surrounded the news of Prigozhin’s crash as multiple individuals adopted the name Yevgeniy Prigozhin, making it challenging to confirm his presence on the ill-fated flight, “It’s been announced that a passenger by the name of Yevgeniy Prigozhin was onboard. But it is also known that multiple individuals have changed their name to Yevgeniy Prigozhin” a reporter said.

Leaked documents revealed Prigozhin’s eye for disguises, including beards, aviator sunglasses, and foreign military uniforms, further fuelling doubts.

Reputation as an Agent of Chaos

Prigozhin’s reputation as an agent of chaos and media provocateur adds intrigue to the unfolding mystery, leading to speculations of convenience.

Reports suggest that the crash and subsequent fire may have left Prigozhin’s body too disfigured for conventional identification methods.

Some speculate that the crash could be a convenient escape plan for Prigozhin, given his history of using multiple passports and disguises.

May Have Orchestrated His Disappearance

Experts predict that conspiracy theories will thrive, with many believing Prigozhin orchestrated his own disappearance with or without permission from Putin.

One Russian scientist believed Prigozhin faked his death, “And to disappear forever, having taken one of his many spare passports, a burnt-out airplane is a good way to do it,” he claimed.

Telegram channels associated with Wagner suggest that Prigozhin’s plane was downed by a surface-to-air missile, potentially from the Russian military.

Alternative theories propose that an onboard explosive device may have caused the plane crash, widening the list of possible culprits.

Speculations arose that Prigozhin may have switched to a different plane after entering Vnukovo-3 airport.

Most Russians Suspect Foul Play

A poll indicated that a majority of readers suspect foul play, with only 1 percent attributing the crash to an accident.

Some of Prigozhin’s own allies and affiliated media outlets are among those most convinced of his death, expressing their condolences.

The Grey Zone, a social media outlet closely tied to Wagner, suggested that Prigozhin’s death resulted from the actions of Russian traitors, “Prigozhin died as the result of the actions of Russia’s traitors,” they wrote, “But even in hell, he’ll be the best! Glory to Russia!”

The mysterious circumstances of Prigozhin’s alleged death continue to captivate imaginations, leaving room for speculation and conspiracy theories.

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