‘Safe and Effective?’ The Truth About mRNA Vaccines: A Call for Immediate Action

Over the past three years, a group of individuals who recognized unusual patterns within the CoV-SARS-2 virus’s genetic sequence has faced immense challenges. The discovery of genetic inserts in the virus, resembling sequences from a Wuhan laboratory, led to accusations of scientific ostracism and ‘cancellation’ by both mainstream media and professional colleagues.

Suppression of Findings

In the summer of 2020, a paper authored by an Anglo-Norwegian team of scientists outlining telltale signs of laboratory manipulation in the Covid virus was deliberately suppressed in the US and UK. 

This suppression occurred during a time when global organizations like the World Health Organization were insisting that Covid was a natural occurrence.

The recent revelation by The Telegraph, that the US government will cease funding research it had denied for nearly three years, marks a significant shift.

 The revelations offer critical insights into the mRNA vaccines and the need for a reevaluation of their safety and effectiveness.

The Unspoken Secrets of mRNA Vaccines

In the shadows of the Covid vaccine rollout, disturbing information about mRNA vaccines has emerged. These revelations, largely ignored by mainstream sources, challenge the narrative surrounding these groundbreaking vaccines.

Contrary to expectations, mRNA vaccines do not remain localized at the injection site but disseminate throughout the body. 

Post-mortem examinations have revealed the widespread presence of these vaccines.

Claims of dramatic variations in batch-to-batch consistency have been brushed aside, but compelling Danish research supports these concerns, raising questions about the manufacturing standards of these vaccines.

Regulatory Denials

Despite mounting concerns and increasing reports of adverse events, regulatory authorities and politicians have consistently dismissed the significance of adverse event reports, undermining public trust.

In June, whistleblowers highlighted alarming levels of DNA contamination in mRNA vaccines, yet mainstream media remained silent. 

These findings cast doubt on the ‘safe and effective’ mantra surrounding these vaccines.

Kevin McKernan’s discovery of DNA plasmid contamination, including the presence of an SV40 promoter in Pfizer vaccines, challenges established beliefs about mRNA vaccines and raises concerns about cancer-inducing potential.

Unprecedented Contamination Rates

A German biologist whistleblower found contamination rates significantly exceeding recommended limits, drawing the attention of the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). This finding underscores the gravity of the issue.

The accumulating evidence suggests that mRNA vaccines are not traditional vaccines but rather Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) that demand a different regulatory framework and classification.

The Australian Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) recognized the distinctive nature of mRNA vaccines, forcing the resignation of a prominent advocate for mandatory vaccination.

The Alarming Impact of Boosters

Recent studies, including one by the Cleveland Clinic, reveal that booster shots may increase the likelihood of infection, challenging the idea that mRNA vaccines can adapt to new variants.

Immunological imprinting may render further vaccines ineffective, making them not only redundant but potentially dangerous, with the potential to enhance infections.

Several studies point to antibody switching, T-cell suppression, and a potential role in cancer development, raising concerns about the long-term effects of mRNA vaccines.

The mounting evidence demands immediate attention. Continuing to advocate for mRNA vaccines, given the revelations about contamination and their potential health risks, constitutes medical negligence. It is time to halt and ban all mRNA vaccines. The health and well-being of individuals should always take precedence over political or economic interests.

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