‘SAVE THE WHALES’ – Is Climate Skeptic Trump Distracting Himself from Legal Troubles With His Familiar Enemy?

Trump has rambled many ramblings in previous speeches, but this time, he decided to revisit an old enemy, the wind turbine! His misinformed link between wind turbines and a recent surge in whales washing onto shores has even resulted in protestors gathering on beaches.

Climate Change Skeptic 

Donald Trump recently delivered a peculiar monologue concerning offshore wind turbines, asserting that they were disturbing whales and causing unprecedented casualties among them “In numbers never seen before.”

The ex-president, known for his climate skepticism, made these statements during a rally in South Carolina this past week, but what he said doesn’t sit right with some.

During this event, he criticized President Joe Biden’s regulations for enforcing speed limits on speed boats, pledging to overturn these rules “immediately” if elected.

Wind Turbines, Not Windmills 

Trump expressed to the South Carolina audience that the “Biden speed limit” would severely harm the charter fishing industry, devastate boat manufacturers, and disrespect their beloved Low Country customs.

In the midst of discussing whales and wind turbines, which he referred to as “windmills,” Trump claimed that these turbines were driving whales “A little batty,” and were “Washing up on shore in levels never seen before.”

This proclamation follows Trump’s recent praise for UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak for retracting several significant climate change commitments in the UK, applauding the Prime Minister for allegedly exposing the climate “Scam” before it’s too late.

Wind Turbines Cause Cancer?!

This week’s speech isn’t the first instance of Trump clashing with wind turbines. The last one was equally disturbing.

Back in 2019, he propagated the falsehood that wind turbines cause cancer.

Trump also claimed in a rally that wind turbines were “Bald eagle graveyards,” suggesting that the creatures got tangled up in the blades. They don’t, by the way.

He later criticized renewable energy by asserting that wind power is ineffective when the wind isn’t blowing, which also isn’t accurate since turbines store the energy for that exact reason.

Misinformed Protesters

During Trump’s rally in South Carolina, he seemingly aimed to resonate with a group of misinformed protesters. 

In February, a large gathering convened at Point Pleasant Beach in New Jersey, urging authorities to halt offshore wind projects due to recent whale strandings.

Since 2023, ten whales have washed ashore on the New York and New Jersey coasts.


Conspiracy theorists have argued that the noise generated by wind turbines interferes with the whales’ navigation systems, potentially causing these unusual mortality events.  

However, reputable organizations like the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have explicitly denied any connection between wind turbines and whale fatalities, branding it a deceptive disinformation campaign. Despite these clarifications, Trump is unlikely to abandon his stance on this issue.

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