Saving His Sister’s “Mental Health and Self-Esteem” Meant Betraying His Girlfriend

Damon found himself in a complex situation regarding his girlfriend, Kim’s, decision to undergo multiple plastic surgeries while they were living in Europe. Let’s take a look at the events that transpired.

The Transformation Begins

Damon initially urged Kim not to pursue these procedures, but she went ahead and had a blepharoplasty, a nose job, fillers, chin surgery, and more – more than he could even remember!

Damon didn’t like the results.

Kim was still beautiful, but the surgeries changed her in a way he couldn’t ignore, removing the features he had once cherished and leaving her looking tired and somewhat hollow.

However, what made the situation even more challenging for Damon was that Kim decided to keep these surgeries a secret!

Denying Surgery

When they returned home from Europe, people began noticing the changes in her appearance, and they weren’t shy about asking. 

At their welcome-back dinner, one of her friends confronted her directly, and Kim denied any surgery. 

She said it was just aging, and of course, she would look different now she’s 27 – absolutely ancient

Given how unmistakably evident the surgery was, Damon was shocked by Kim’s response. It was obvious she was lying, but no one called her out.

A Concerning Change in Damon’s Sister

Things took a worrying turn when Damon’s younger sister, a 24-year-old who was typically not overly bothered with her looks, suddenly began exhibiting signs of distress about aging.

She even started investing heavily in anti-aging skincare products and applying them several times a day! This shift in behavior was unusual and surprising to Damon. He couldn’t bear to see her spiral into anxiety over aging, especially when she was still so young!

Damon tried to console her, suggesting that all she needed to do was moisturize and wear sunscreen, emphasizing that it shouldn’t be a worry and he hadn’t changed significantly since he was 24.

However, his sister remained unconvinced, and it was clear why – Kim’s drastic transformation had shaken her confidence.

Damon Reveals the Truth to His Sister

She kept putting retinal on her face and would ask Damon if he could see “lines” going away when there weren’t any in the first place!

After a while of her spiraling one day, Damon reached a breaking point.

He couldn’t watch her torment herself any longer and finally let out the truth: “Dude, you’re freaking out about aging because of my girlfriend. Chill out. She got plastic surgery. You don’t just randomly start to have totally different features after you hit 25! You are gonna look exactly how you look now at 27, relax.”

Thankfully, his sister, who had an obsessive personality at times, realized the truth, and her anxiety finally eased.

A Moral Dilemma

However, this act of truth-telling had consequences. Kim eventually confronted Damon, asking if he had shared her plastic surgery secret with anyone.

Damon admitted that he had confided in his sister because he didn’t want to lie, which left Kim quite upset. She was FURIOUS at Damon.

But was Damon wrong to share this secret? After all, Kim hadn’t explicitly told him to keep it to himself, and it was clear that she expected him to lie for her. He was torn, so he decided to ask Reddit what they thought.

Hundreds of users chimed in with their perspectives, and the consensus leaned towards him not being in the wrong. They shared a variety of insights on the matter.

The Impact of Kim’s Secret on Damon’s Sister

One Redditor pointed out, “When people deny having work done (especially if it’s noticeable), people don’t tend to believe them anyway.” Another echoed this sentiment and said, “I don’t think your GF is fooling anyone.”

Several others emphasized the significance of Damon’s sister’s mental well-being, asserting, “Your sister’s mental health and self-esteem was directly being affected by your girlfriend’s plastic surgery.”

Others emphasized the importance of being real and honest about body image issues.

They pointed out the influence of social media and how it distorts our perception of reality. One Redditor noted, “It’s important to be real and honest. Social media does not help.”

Sympathy for Her Desire for Privacy

However, not all Redditors supported Damon’s actions. They found the situation peculiar and questioned his girlfriend’s motives for keeping her surgeries a secret. Some were sympathetic to Kim, explaining that her reluctance might stem from not wanting to face judgment or criticism.

One Redditor said, “Knowing it’s upsetting to her and telling someone else about her deep-seated insecurities without letting her know is bad behavior.”

Another user, expressing a nuanced view, pointed out, ” It sounds like she did this for herself, and she knows sharing this info makes people feel entitled to voice their unsolicited opinions and judgements. Her friends probably know she’s lying and drop it because they’re respecting her comfort level and know that it’s none of their business.”

Despite these varied opinions, most of the community sided with Damon’s decision to prioritize his sister’s well-being.

But what do you think? Was he in the wrong for breaking his girlfriend’s trust, or does family come first? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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