Scammed at the Movies: A Trick We’ve All Been Victim of EXPOSED!

One ex-cinema employee used his last day at the company to reveal a huge scam that people say is used in every cinema worldwide. The TikTok video demonstrates the amount of popcorn in a medium size is the same as a junior size.

Movie Goers Scammed 

You’ll be outraged at this popcorn scam that’s gone unnoticed for years.

June, @thatcoolguy.25597, caused outrage when he exposed a mind-boggling secret about the popcorn sizes sold at the movie theatre.

In a shocking twist, June revealed that the small and medium popcorn options contain the same amount of popcorn.

The viral clip shows June posing as a customer at the concessions stand. 

Junior Size Deception 

He ordered the junior bag, thinking it was a better deal, then quickly changed his mind, going for the medium instead.

The cinema employee then proceeds to pour the contents of the small bag into the medium bucket, exposing the deceptive pricing.

Watch in disbelief as the customer is charged an extra $1.09 for the same amount of popcorn.

The revelation sparked outrage among millions of viewers, with many demanding action against the apparent scam.

Just Not Fair

Outraged viewers expressed their frustration, stating that if they pay for a bigger size, they should get a bigger size.

Witness the outrage as viewers agree that the medium-sized popcorn scam is not limited to a single cinema.

See the customer’s disbelief as he witnessed the scam and came to terms with paying more for the same product.

Not Specific to Cinemas

In a follow-up video, June says, “I never expected that to blow up but I hope you’re not getting medium popcorn.”

One user revealed it’s the same for fast food chains, “same thing with Mcdonald cups. thats why theyre all 1$ they’re the same volume but the medium and large are more narrow.”

Have you noticed this industry trick? Take a stand by leaving a comment.

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