“Indoctrination” – School Approval for Minimizing Slavery and Climate Change Denial – Coming to a Classroom Near You

In a recent development that has raised eyebrows, PragerU’s educational content is making its way into K-6 classrooms, drawing both support and criticism. Here’s the whole story.

PragerU Approved for Classrooms

PragerU, a nonprofit known for its thought-provoking and often controversial videos, has been approved by the Florida Department of Education to be used as supplemental material in K-6 classrooms. 

PragerU Kids, an online video series aimed at K-6 students, was launched by the conservative media organization in 2022.

The platform’s mission aim is a response to what it calls “woke agendas infiltrating classrooms, culture, and social media.”

Department of Education’s Decision

The question raised is whether there are still safe spaces for children’s education, and PragerU Kids seems to be the answer the organization provides.

Florida’s Department of Education recently approved PragerU’s videos for use in K-6 classrooms, giving districts the discretion to incorporate them as supplemental materials. 

This decision aligns with Florida’s ongoing efforts to combat what it terms “woke indoctrination” in public schools. 

Extending Their Reach

While Florida was the first state to embrace PragerU, reports suggest that New Hampshire has also joined the list, with its board of education approving PragerU as an educational vendor for a financial literacy course. 

Furthermore, Oklahoma has announced a partnership with PragerU Kids to develop an Oklahoma-specific history curriculum.

Among the materials now available for educational use in Florida and Oklahoma is “Leo and Layla’s History Adventures,” a cartoon program designed for third through fifth graders.

Controversial History Classes

In these episodes, viewers follow Leo and Layla, a brother and sister, as they time travel to meet historical figures. However, some episodes have sparked controversy.

One episode presents a cartoon, Christopher Columbus, who explains that slavery was not an issue in his time because it was so common and “being taken as a slave is better than being killed.”

This approach to such a sensitive topic has raised concerns among educators and parents.

Teaching Children Climate Change Denial

PragerU Kids also takes a firm stance on subjects beyond history.

An episode questions renewable energy, opposing the scientific consensus by suggesting that wind and solar power are detrimental to the environment.

The siblings teleport to a windmill farm, where they get told that renewable energy damages the environment.

This message aligns with PragerU’s history of climate denial, which has received funding from fracking industry billionaires.

Critics’ Content Concerns

The introduction of PragerU content into public schools has ignited a fierce debate. 

While Marissa Streit, the CEO of PragerU, asserts that they aim to provide academic excellence without political narratives, critics argue that the organization’s content constitutes a form of indoctrination. 

Earlier this year, Dennis Prager, the founder of PragerU, openly acknowledged his institute indoctrinates children, remarking, “We bring doctrines to children. But what is the bad of our indoctrination?”

Trend Against “Woke” Education

The decision to incorporate PragerU content into schools reflects a more significant national trend against alleged left-wing “woke” education institutions.

PragerU’s supporters aim not only to counter perceived leftist influences but also to promote right-leaning ideologies.

Social media had an outpouring of reactions on both sides of the political spectrum.

One user offered their opinion, “And they accuse the left of indoctrinating children.”

Education or Indoctrination?

Another simply said, “Great! It is good to have another option besides Statist indoctrination. Or do you fear—Diversity?”

As PragerU’s educational content gains a foothold in schools, it remains a topic of significant debate.

While some see it as a necessary response to left-wing influences in education, others argue that it raises questions about the line between education and indoctrination.

This development has ignited a lively discussion about the role of different perspectives in shaping the minds of future generations.

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