Seattle Moms Raise Alarm! The Struggle of Instilling Conservative Values in a Progressively ‘Woke’ Environment

Two Seattle moms have taken on a mission to help parents navigate the challenges of raising conservative kids in areas where their beliefs might be met with hostility and not be victims of woke culture. Here’s the whole story.

“Raising Conservative Kids in a Woke City”

In their upcoming book titled “Raising Conservative Kids in a Woke City,” Katy Faust and Stacy Manning offer a broad guide on preparing children to navigate a culture that often contradicts their values confidently.

Faust and Manning’s book is based on the education model, which recognizes children’s growth and learning developmental stages.

They emphasize actively teaching children beliefs during the first, grammar phase, where children are most receptive to absorbing information.

In this stage, according to the book, parents play a crucial role in “filtering out” false messages their kids might encounter outside the home.

“Addiction and Suffering”

“The world is going to introduce information that you don’t want your children to hear before they are ready as you perceive it…If the kid next to your kid at school introduces them to adult videos and you have not explained what it is and the dangers of it in the long term, the addiction and suffering that can come from it, the kid’s not going to come back to you to follow up when they have more questions about it,” Manning said.

This phase is likened to the “software-writing phase” of a child’s development.

“Don’t Expect Your Kid To Become an Expert Unless You Become an Expert”

During the grammar phase, parents are encouraged to immerse their children in their conservative thoughts, nurturing their minds with conservative principles through everyday conversations, thoughtful podcasts, and meaningful books.

“Don’t expect your kid to become an expert unless you become an expert. You can teach what you know, but you replicate what you are. So you are not going to build somebody that can stand firm against the lies, identify untruths, and stand alone when they need to unless you are also able to do that,” Faust said.

The logic phase during junior high years allows children to compare “woke” messages with the conservative principles they have been taught.

Allowing Teens to Practice Articulating and Defending Their Beliefs Independently

According to the authors, this is when parents should teach kids to discern and filter out information they encounter outside the home. It’s also a period where children may share challenging concepts they’ve learned from teachers or peers.

“That’s the time when you start to teach them how to filter out the information as you send them out into the world. And they start to grapple with these really contentious societal issues they’re using that stick that you help them whittle in elementary school,” Manning said.

In high school, in the rhetoric phase, parents transition to a “consultant” role, offering guidance while allowing teens to practice articulating and defending their beliefs independently.

Adopting a Hands-off Approach to Education

“And then in high school, you really get to downshift. If you installed that worldview, and you’ve been in the trenches with them, that’s the time when you move into the consultant role,” Manning said.

Faust and Manning caution against the extremes of overprotecting children or adopting a hands-off approach to education. They highlight that sheltering is temporary and that the ultimate goal is to raise well-equipped adults.

The authors mention that their advice and methods can help parents by showing them their kids “don’t have to be victims” of woke culture.

Several social media users shared their thoughts on the incident.

“Do Not Have To Be Victims of Woke Culture but No Problem at All To Be Victims of Gun Violence, What Hypocrisy”

One Twitter user wrote, “The problem with that statement is that too many people have a difference of “woke”, so everything they don’t like is categorized as”woke “.”

Another user added, “Do not have to be victims of woke culture but no problem at all to be victims of gun violence, what hypocrisy.”

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