“Self-Proclaimed Marxist Lesbian” President – American Library Association Loses Support Over LGBTQ+ “Sexually Explicit” Content and Leadership

A Texas state representative has succeeded in pressuring the state to cut ties with the American Library Association, controversially blasting the non-profit organisation for promoting “Gender and Marxist Ideology.”

Contract Not Renewed

A major shift is underway as a Texas state commission severs ties with the American Library Association, igniting passionate debates over children’s literature.

Texas state representative Brian Harrison played a pivotal role in pressuring the state to distance itself from the ALA.

Harrison called out the ALA in a recent interview by saying they push, “dangerous Marxist ideology.”

Harrison ecstatically shared, “I am excited to report that they just informed me they will not renew their contract with them!” Revealing the Texas State Library & Archives Commision’s (TSLAC’s) decision to cut ties with the association.

Self-proclaimed Marxist Lesbian.”

Harrison also called out the president of the ALA Emily Drabinski, controversially arguing that she’s a “Self-proclaimed Marxist Lesbian.”

Texas is not the only state to cut ties with the ALA due to what’s being labelled “Culture Wars,” as Montana in early July became the first state to break away from the ALA.

The move gained praise from parental rights advocates who saw it as a clear statement, “I think this is a really good move to send a really clear signal to our national organisations,” one told the Montana Free Press.

Unite Against Book Bans

The ALA’s campaign called Unite Against Book Bans has garnered attention, even earning praise from former President Obama.

In a recent rally by the ALA dubbed the “Rally for the Right to Read,” the headliner announced, “If you’re fighting book bans, if you’re fighting against censorship, then you are a freedom fighter!”

Governor Gregg Abbot already signed a law that he says will, “Remove the trash of our schools” in a bold move that has gained criticism.

that saw the removal of any book deemed to be “sexually explicit” however critics argued this would be used as a method of targeting LGBTQ+ material.

Sexually Explicit Content

The ALA is a non-profit organisation that fights to improve library content with resources that promote inclusion, diversity and equity and it’s clear that some parents have a different idea from the ALA on what books contain “sexually explicit” content.

The Alabama Public Library System (APLS) has become the latest association to enquire about cutting ties with the ALA.

One APLS board member John Wahl is spearheading an investigation into the sexually explicit books that may lie in Alabama’s public libraries.

Do you think this is justified or is it an attack on the LGBTQ+ community? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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