She Made $100,000 by Selling Hot Air! She Spills the Beans on Her Output

A former reality TV star has admitted to selling this controversial product in a jar. She reveals she has made over $100,000 simply by farting in a jar and selling it on the internet.

Unconventional Money-Making

Prepare to be amazed, shocked, and maybe a little disgusted as a former 90-day Fiance star spills the beans on her unconventional money-making venture!

YouTuber and former reality star Stephanie Matto, reveals her jaw-dropping earnings of $100,000 by selling her farts in jars!

Matto shares a TikTok video on Instagram, giving a glimpse into the life of a girl who sells her farts in jars.

Making the Smell Linger

In the video, she spills the beans on her diet plan to maximize her “output” – beans, protein muffins, yogurt, and hard-boiled eggs.

To enhance the experience, Matto adds flower petals to the jars, believing that they help the scent last longer.

People had mixed reactions to Matto’s unique business, and some were very critical.

A supporter defended Matto, stating, “Work smarter and harder; money flows any way you want to.”

A Dangerous Diet

Despite her success, TMZ reports that all the gas is taking a toll on Matto’s mental and physical well-being.

She also reveals that eating too many fiber bars almost landed her in the emergency room.

Despite the challenges, Matto remains committed to her fart business as long as she’s up for the task and the money keeps flowing in.

Stephanie Matto’s brave business idea has left the internet in shock, with people commenting on their views.


One user suggested some hilarious names for the business, “Call it Flashbang or SmokeBombs.”

A large number of users expressed their disapproval, with one exclaiming, “Her entire house smelled like farts. My stomach is sick. This is disgusting!”

Do you think this business is one step too far? Let us know in the comments.

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