She Accused Him of Swapping Her Diamond, but Couldn’t Have Been Further Than the Complex Truth!

Flashback to a time when OP, a diamond specialist, had a lady visit his shop. The lady was carrying an engagement ring, not bought from OP’s shop, that needed cleaning and polishing.

Sparkling Diamonds Please!

OP communicated to the lady that the cleaning process would require a high-pressure steam cleaner. The lady agreed, and so OP took the ring to the back for the cleaning session.

When OP returned with the now sparkling ring, the woman was visibly taken aback. She hadn’t seen her ring gleam like that in quite some time.

She requested a jeweler’s loupe, prepared to inspect her diamond. However, her inability to correctly use the loupe was evident.

Without warning, she exclaimed, “You switched my diamond!” OP, startled, needed her to repeat the claim. The woman insisted on speaking to a higher authority.

Accused, He Had To Explain the Complex Process of Switching a Diamond

In an attempt to reason with her, OP began explaining the complex process of diamond switching. Her unfaltering claim, however, forced him to delve into greater detail.

Firstly, OP would need to find an identical diamond, which is a challenging task in itself. Next, the head of her diamond ring would have to be changed to accommodate a different sized stone.

This head changing process would require a jeweler’s torch, a precise skill, and time. Then, the ring would have to be cleansed perfectly before it could be dipped into rhodium, a precious and expensive element.

The price of rhodium, as OP pointed out, was over $20,000 per ounce. Contaminating a batch of rhodium on her ring for a meager profit was out of the question.

And Don’t Come Back!

He urged her to take her ring back to the original vendor for confirmation. He also asked that she never return for his services due to her false accusations.

Unexpectedly, the woman’s husband called later. Having heard the entire story, he apologized and confirmed it was indeed her diamond all along.

In the end, a hefty misunderstanding got corrected, giving all a lesson – never accuse professionals without proper knowledge!

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