She Asked for Extra Mayo, Wendy’s Delivered a Mayo Waterpark with a Chicken Lifeguard!

Crysten Chyvonn, a TikTok user, recently had an unpleasant experience after ordering an innocent chicken sandwich with an extra dollop of mayo. Her simple request turned into an unforgettable nightmare, as she opened a completely drenched sandwich in the sauce, making it inedible to even the most hungry customer.

She Asked for Extra Mayo

Chyvonn placed her order at Wendy’s, explicitly asking for some extra mayo to enhance her chicken sandwich.

When she excitedly unwrapped her meal at home, she was greeted by a sight far from what she had expected.

The sandwich was drowning in an overwhelming amount of mayo, and it’s needless to say that she was far from thrilled.

Chyvonn quickly took to TikTok to vent her frustrations and share her harrowing experience with the world in a video that has sparked debate with over 22k comments.

… She Got a ‘Sea’ of Mayo!

In the video, she recounted how the Wendy’s staff had consistently mishandled her order, resulting in several incorrect items.

But the moment she lifted the lid of her sandwich shocked viewers.

The chicken fillet was almost entirely concealed beneath a sea of mayo. Frustrated and disheartened, she exclaimed, “Now I’m finna drive right back up there and go off on her.”

The TikTok community was quick to share their opinions, and it’s safe to say that they were sharply divided.

“Nahhh, I’d Be LIVIIIDDD”

Some users criticised Chyvonn, “She gave you extra Mayo tho!”

The amount of sauce grossed others out, “Nahhh, I’d be LIVIIIDDD.”

Fast food workers voiced what they would have done, “I work at a fast food restaurant and would do the same exact thing.”

“Anyone Who Has Worked in Fast Food Knows for a Fact That They Did This Out of Spite”

Some users thought there must be something else to the story that we haven’t been told, “Anyone who has worked in fast food knows for a fact that they did this out of spite.”

“Y’all all know that worker did that to be petty,” one argued.

Did the wave of mayo gross you out? Maybe you would’ve reacted differently. Let us know in the comments.

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