She Asked How Small the Marker Was; He Was Completely Bewildered Because She Had It in Her Hand. Her Bizarre Question Remained a Retailers Mystery

In the retail landscape that OP navigates, certain strategies are employed to boost sales. One such strategy is the placement of slightly overpriced, intriguing little items near the checkout register. These are intended to captivate the attention of customers, leading them to make an unplanned purchase on their way out. This range of trinkets varies, but on this particular day, it happened to include pocket-sized markers.

Keychain Markers

The markers, which were more akin to trinkets, were small enough to attach to a keychain. Their function as markers was secondary to their novelty as miniature objects.

Each one was around pocket size, fitting snugly in the palm of a hand. It was one of these miniature markers that caught the eye of a lady just as she was about to check out.

The lady’s eyes locked onto the miniature marker as she prepared to pay for her items. Holding the small marker, she turned to OP with a question that left him momentarily stunned. “How small are these?” she asked.

The question seemed odd to OP, given the marker’s obvious small size. He responded with a surprised and confused “What?”

“How Small Are These?”

The customer, however, seemed unfazed by his confusion and repeated her question, “How small are these?”

Assuming that the lady was merely remarking on the marker’s small size, OP answered, “Pretty small.” This response, though reasonable, did not seem to satisfy the lady.

Her next question, “No, I mean how small are they?”, added to OP’s bewilderment.

Thrown into a state of further confusion by the woman’s continued inquiry about the marker’s size, OP found himself grappling to understand her intentions.

He Tried To Explain Visually

What did she want to know about this seemingly simple object? With no further clues, he could only guess at her meaning.

In an attempt to visually demonstrate the marker’s size, OP removed the cap, showing her the size of the tip. He further explained that the marker was small enough to be conveniently attached to a keychain, serving as a constant and portable writing tool.

Despite his best efforts, the lady didn’t seem content with his answer. She sighed, uttering a dismissive “Never mind,” as if OP’s explanation had fallen drastically short of her expectations.

But Really Had No Clue What She Was Asking!

After this brief, peculiar interaction, the two went about their business, leaving OP with an unsolved mystery.

In the days following the encounter, OP found himself puzzled about what the woman could possibly have wanted to know about the marker. It was a simple object, easily understood by a casual glance.

Was she interested in using it on a tiny surface? Her question lacked the context needed for a clear answer. The encounter, while not unpleasant, left OP with an intriguing retail puzzle: What did the woman want to understand about the miniature marker’s size? The mystery remains unsolved, marking it as one of the strangest customer interactions in OP’s retail experience.

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