She Bans Her Husband From Her Sister’s Home After an Explosive Argument – Family Ties Are Severed Over His Controversial and Sexist Remarks!

A fed-up wife turned to Reddit for opinions after she banned her husband from visiting her sister. It seems he just can’t grow up and let bygones be bygones. Here is the whole story.

They Were Always at Each Others Throats

OP is a 37-year-old woman who is married to a 42-year-old man. Her 29-year-old sister and 40-year-old brother-in-law recently had their first baby.

When the little girl was about two months old, OP and her husband finally got to visit. OP was super excited to meet her niece but worried about how her husband would act.

Since they started dating, OP’s husband and her little sister have been at each other’s throats. They are both very opinionated and have vastly different views on everything, especially social issues.

Over the years, OP’s husband and sister have gotten into some very heated debates. And they like to get each other’s goats whenever they can.

It Was Exhausting for Everyone

It’s exhausting for OP and everyone else in the family, but the two can’t seem to keep from arguing.

To fuel the fire, OP’s sister went to graduate school in the social sciences. Not only does that give her more material to argue with, but it also spurs on OP’s husband.

OP’s husband says her sister should love to debate with him because the things he’s interested in are part of her profession.

But OP’s sister has started to mellow in recent years, and that’s been especially true since her daughter was born. She gave birth right after finishing grad school and has been focused on her family and career.

He’d Never Back Down!

OP’s husband doesn’t seem to want to back down, however. Even as her sister has tried to avoid arguments, he keeps digging at her and pulling her back.

So, as OP and her husband headed to her sister’s house to meet the baby, OP told him to behave. He promised to try to be friendly and did a pretty good job of it for a while.

But when OP’s brother-in-law said he would quit his job to stay home with the baby, OP’s husband couldn’t stay quiet. He piped up and said that childrearing was a woman’s job.

The comment was meant to rile up OP’s sister, but her husband took up the argument. He told OP’s husband that he was being incredibly sexist.

She Was So Embarrassed

OP’s brother-in-law went on to tell her husband that his wife was returning to work after her maternity leave because she had just finished grad school and was starting her career.

She had put in years of work to get where she was and wouldn’t back off now.

OP’s husband started to argue with the brother-in-law, but her sister cut him off. She told him to hush up or leave.

At that point, OP’s husband managed to zip his lip, but the rest of the visit was very awkward. They stayed a little longer before packing up and heading home.

And Done With His Childish Behavior

The ride back was quiet, too, but OP let her husband have it when they got home. She said that he had embarrassed her, and she banned him from ever going with her to her sister’s house again.

OP also said she didn’t know if her sister would invite her back again. Her husband thinks she’s being overly dramatic, but OP is done with all of his childish behavior.

Now, OP is worried about her relationship with her sister and niece. But she also wonders if maybe she did overreact by forbidding her husband from going to her sister’s house again.

Should She Rethink Her Marriage Entirely?

Most Redditors think OP made the right call by forbidding her husband from visiting her sister’s house. They agree that he needs to grow up and stop being a fool.

But some commenters think OP was wrong for taking her husband to see the baby in the first place since she knew trouble was brewing. Many of them even advise OP that she should rethink her marriage entirely.

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