She Called the Police Because He Was Doing His Job! But He Was in the Right

This story follows Alan Key, a locksmith who found himself in the midst of a peculiar encounter that would test his patience and unleash a wave of irritation.

An Extensive Locksmithing Job

Yesterday, Alan had one of his biggest locksmithing jobs yet. He was tasked with rekeying a whopping 19 locks, all to be alike.

Normally, for such extensive projects, Alan’s boss would lend a helping hand. However, this time, given his boss’s notorious disorganization and knack for misplacing tools, Alan was left to tackle this job solo.

The locks in question were located in some side rooms of a complex, primarily used for housing thick piping.

The sign above them read something like “fire room” or something along those lines, but Alan didn’t concern himself with the specifics.


Around the fourteenth lock, a familiar sound caught Alan’s attention—an exasperated ahem that instantly reminded him of many previous encounters with entitled individuals.

Having made a parking mistake earlier, which was pointed out by a kind stranger, Alan turned around, expecting yet another well-intentioned remark. Little did he know that he was about to enter the world of Sally.

Sally: “What are you doing here?”

Alan: “I’m rekeying these locks.” Still naively thinking this was just another interested stranger, Alan added, “Is everything alright?”

She Said It’s Illegal

Sally: “You aren’t allowed to do that! It’s illegal!”

Sensing the potential for an unpleasant confrontation, Alan decided to start recording the interaction on his phone.

Surprisingly, Sally said nothing about Alan filming, possibly assuming he was sending a message to his boss or documenting the process.

Alan: “Ma’am, this is my job. The owner of this complex ordered me to do this. Please leave me alone.”

I’ll Call the Police

Sally: “No, I live here, and you aren’t allowed to do this. Don’t make me call the police! Do you even have a license for this?”

Alan: “I have a license. Back off and let me do my job. You’re a tenant, not an owner. I know this because the owner himself instructed me to carry out these rekeying tasks.

Besides, these are side rooms related to some sort of fire control area. You don’t even have access here, yet I do. Isn’t that proof enough?”

Sally: “Show me your license, or I’m calling the police!”

Buzz Off, Lady!

Alan: “Go ahead and call them. I have no obligation to show you my verification number. You aren’t my client. Now, bug off.” The sweltering heat only added to Alan’s irritation.

Sally: “I’m calling the police! They will make sure you never do this again!”

Alan, absolutely fuming at this point, couldn’t contain his frustration any longer: “Buzz off, lady! I’m doing my job, so leave me alone and waste someone else’s time and energy!”

Sally: “I’m the owner’s wife! You aren’t allowed to do this. I’m calling the police!”

The Police Approached Him

Alan, now trying to regain his composure, calmly responded: “No, you’re not. The owner doesn’t live around here, and he’s single. Try again, lady.”

Unsurprisingly, Sally did make good on her threat and called the police. As Alan proceeded to work on two more locks, the law enforcement officers arrived at the scene.

They approached Alan and inquired if he was supposed to be there.

Without hesitation, Alan confidently affirmed his legitimacy, presenting the text messages exchanged between himself, his boss, and the actual owner of the complex.

They Contacted the Owner

To further substantiate his claims, he had the officers contact the owner, who confirmed the arrangement. Additionally, Alan shared his recorded video – and the police promptly confirmed his authority to be there.

The situation deflated like a punctured balloon, with the police chastising Sally for wasting their time and asserting that Alan had done nothing wrong.

With the encounter finally behind him, Alan resumed his work, completing the job successfully. Alan couldn’t help but contemplate a small act of revenge against Sally.

A mischievous thought crossed his mind: altering a single pin in her door lock to make it slightly more challenging to turn!

A Newfound Respect

However, the landlord responded to his story with laughter and told Alan that, sadly, it wasn’t a feasible course of action.

Nevertheless, Alan couldn’t help but develop a newfound respect for those who regularly faced off against relentless Sallys.

The moral of this story is that entitlement thrives when met with acceptance. By asserting our rights and calmly presenting facts, we can overcome the challenges posed by entitled individuals.

It is a reminder to trust in our abilities, maintain professionalism even in the face of adversity, and seek resolution through clear communication and evidence.

Remember His Triumph

So, the next time you find yourself facing a Sally-like character, remember Alan’s triumph.

Stand tall, armed with knowledge and confidence, and let patience and professionalism guide your actions. By doing so, you, too, can navigate the storm of entitlement and emerge stronger on the other side.

Have you ever encountered an entitled person who insisted on interfering in your professional endeavors? How did you handle the situation?

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