She Caught Her Ex Selling Her Kids Clothes to Make a Quick Buck, so They Got Their Revenge

A frustrated single mother recently asked Redditors for their opinions after a fight with her ex-husband when he started selling their daughters’ clothes. This is her full story.

She Was Making a Great Living

OP is a 30-year-old woman who got divorced from her 31-year-old husband five years ago. She has primary custody of their two daughters, ages 8 and 7.

In the divorce, OP wanted to keep their old mobile home and the land it was on, which is zoned for a trailer park. In exchanges, the ex got to keep his new truck and their savings.

Once she was on her own, OP started buying and renovating old single-wide trailers, turning it into a successful business venture that she loves.

Now, OP’s daughters visit their father and his girlfriend, who broke up the marriage, every other weekend. Recently, OP noticed that some of the girls’ possessions weren’t coming home from their dad’s house.

Visits to Her Dad Made Her Cry

Among the items that OP couldn’t account for were electronics, toys, and especially clothes.

Since OP makes decent money now, she wasn’t too concerned and figured her ex was just keeping some extra clothes for the girls to wear when they visited.

But then when OP was packing for one of the girls’ visits to see their dad, she saw that her oldest daughter was upset. She didn’t want to take her favorite shirt with her on the trip.

OP asked her daughter why she wanted to leave the shirt behind, and the girl said that her dad had been selling the girls’ clothes online.

He Was Selling Their Clothes to Make a Quick Buck

Angry, OP called her ex-husband and asked where the missing clothes were, saying the girls needed them for school so he wouldn’t know his daughter had ratted him out.

OP’s ex said that had given away some of the girls’ clothes that were too small. But when OP pointed out that a particular pair of jeans was brand new, he fessed up to selling them and said he needed the cash.

The ex-husband also told her that he was entitled to the money since she was making a living on the trailer and land that he had owned.

That made OP even angrier and set her in motion. After she got off the phone with her ex, she took the girls out to buy cheap clothes from local discount stores.

So They Were Mischievous

When they got home, OP made a party out of it, and they all three spent the evening tie-dying the new clothes pink. The girls loved it, and OP sent the pink duds with them to see their dad.

As OP expected, the pink clothes did not come home. But since they were cheap, OP just replaced them and had another tie-dye party with the girls.

OP sent only the tie-dyed clothes with the girls on their next visit to their dad’s apartment. It only took an hour for the ex to call OP and demand that she bring over different clothes for the girls.

The ex told OP that his parents were throwing a big party and that he couldn’t take the girls in the cheap tie-dye clothes. They needed something fancier.

He Was Not Impressed!

OP told her ex that he could go out and buy other clothes if he didn’t like what she sent with the girls. That made him mad, of course, but OP refused to take other clothes to accommodate him.

Reddit commenters overwhelmingly support OP and say she is well within her rights to send whatever clothes she wants with her daughters.

That’s especially true, they say, since the ex-husband has been selling his daughters’ belongings.

Some Redditors think that OP should even ramp up her efforts by choosing wilder and less marketable tie-dye styles and colors so the ex can’t sell them easily.

So, what do you think of this story?

Is OP right for refusing to send anything but pink tie-dye clothes with her daughters when they visit their dad?

Or should she find some other way to work this mess with her ex?

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