She Caused “Outrage in Colorado and Sparked Controversy With Blackface ‘ Halloween Costume’ at Target Store After Being Fired From the Post Office

A recent incident at a Target store in Aurora, Colorado, shocked and bewildered many. A woman, identified as Ersilia Campbell, walked into the store wearing blackface. 

Pride Month Had Ended

Her actions didn’t stop there, as she engaged in a series of controversial behaviors that left store employees and onlookers taken aback.

Upon entering the Target store, Campbell wasted no time in seeking out a store employee.

Her question was seemingly innocuous – she wanted to know the location of the Pride section.

When informed that Pride month had ended, Campbell’s demeanor shifted dramatically.

Did the Pride Flag Overshadow the American Flag?

She made inflammatory remarks, suggesting that the LGBTQ community had somehow overshadowed the significance of the American flag with the Pride flag.

The store employee, understandably surprised by the turn of events, tried to navigate the conversation tactfully and professionally.

But Campbell’s commentary didn’t stop there. In an attempt to justify her actions, she drew a comparison between herself and well-known news anchor Lester Holt, who had dressed up as Susan Boyle for Halloween.

She argued that her choice to wear blackface was no different from Holt’s costume portrayal. Her reasoning left many perplexed and sparked further outrage.

She Sported Trump Stickers on Her Shirt

After her encounter at Target, Campbell went to a Starbucks, where she continued to make her presence known.

She sported Trump stickers on her shirt and openly expressed frustration about being fired from her job at the post office.

Upon delving into her background, it was discovered that Campbell was let go from her post office position in February.

Her actions there might have mirrored her behavior at Target, as a trespassing notice had been posted at the post office, warning employees to contact the Postal Inspection Service if she were to return.

“Lonely, Miserable, Trashy, and Lazy”

Campbell’s discontent with her former coworkers was evident on social media platforms.

She used derogatory language to describe them, labeling them as “Lonely, miserable, trashy, and lazy.” The irony of her statements, considering her own actions, did not go unnoticed.

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