She Caused Quite a Stir Over a Non-Existent Offer of ‘Buy Two, Get One Free’ That Other People Left the Store With Impatience

Rewind to that hectic day when OP, along with his colleagues, was engrossed in attending customers at the tills. A multitude of customers were coming and going. Gradually, the inflow subsided and the fellow cashier ahead of OP began closing up, dealing with her last few customers. Even as OP too started shutting down after serving his queue, he noticed something unusual – the queue at the adjacent till was stuck.

An Old Lady Was Causing Quite a Stir

At the neighboring till, a pair of customers, an elderly woman, and a patient man behind her were left. The woman, adamant about using a non-functioning coupon, was causing a stir.

OP, from his position, couldn’t hear the specifics, yet the familiar song of persistent customer complaints sounded all too familiar.

Meanwhile, OP had almost cleared his queue and felt bad for the man, who by this time, had been waiting for a whopping 10 minutes.

Spotting an opportunity, OP waved the man over, inviting him to switch lines. The man responded in kind, relocating his few items to OP’s belt. Only a single customer separated the man from being served.

Claiming Her Purchases Were ‘Buy Two, Get One Free’

No sooner had OP begun dealing with his remaining customer than she raised an objection, claiming her bakery items were part of a ‘buy two, get one free’ deal.

OP was certain this wasn’t the case, but the woman’s insistence led him to double-check. The confirmation came, as expected, that her items were not part of any offer.

Unfazed by her previous error, the woman then directed OP’s attention to other items in her basket, once again claiming a non-existent offer.

It was at this point that the patiently waiting man, now seemingly fed up, muttered something under his breath, and walked out of the store, leaving his items behind.

She Caused So Much Drama!

OP, still caught off guard by the unexpected walkout, glanced over to the adjacent till. The elderly woman was now deep in conversation with a manager who had arrived at the scene.

Despite the inconvenience of having to put the man’s shopping back, OP couldn’t help but feel sympathy for him.

In case anyone was wondering, none of the items bought by the persistent lady at OP’s till were on offer. She’d caused quite a commotion, and a man to abandon his shopping, all for offers that didn’t exist.

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