She Chose to Take the High Ground and Seek Sweet Revenge. How the Tables Had Turned!

Have you ever encountered a rude customer who seemed determined to ruin your day? In this tale, we follow Linda, a former sandwich shop employee, as she shares her encounter with the infamous Tammy. From condescending remarks to a sandwich-slinging showdown, let’s take a look!

She Worked in a Sandwich Shop

The tables have turned for Linda as she recounts her encounter with a difficult customer named Tammy. Five years ago Linda worked at a sandwich shop named after a public transportation system in her hometown.

On this particular day Linda and her manager were working together, and the lunch rush had just subsided.

Linda, tasked with handling the front of the house, noticed a woman approaching the store while engrossed in a phone call. Immediately Linda’s instincts warned her that this customer might be challenging to deal with.

Undeterred, Linda greeted the woman and inquired about her order—a turkey sandwich. However, the customer responded curtly, dismissing Linda’s attempts at friendly communication.

She Belittled the Staff

Throughout the interaction the woman continuously made snarky remarks about Linda’s job and belittled the entire staff, causing irritation to bubble up within Linda. 

Ignoring her own frustration Linda asked about the choice of dressing, to which the customer responded with a dismissive comment, refusing to specify her preference.

Determined to complete the order, Linda proceeded to use regular mustard, as the customer had angrily instructed her to stop asking “stupid questions.”

Finishing the sandwich and ringing up the customer’s order, Linda hoped the encounter would end there.

And Slammed the Sandwich on the Counter

Unfortunately, that was not the case. The woman returned to the register, slamming the sandwich on the counter and demanding a free remake.

In a fortunate twist, Linda’s manager, who had overheard the entire interaction, intervened.

The manager pointed out that the woman seemed content with her meal, having consumed a significant portion of it, and refused the request!

Enraged, the customer then threw the sandwich at Linda, staining her jeans and apron! In response the manager threatened to call the police, prompting the customer to argue further and insist on a new sandwich.

Frightened off the Unruly Customer

Seeking to protect Linda, the manager positioned herself between the two and instructed Linda to continue her tasks.

Though Linda moved to the other side of the wall to resume her work she could still hear the commotion unfolding.

Her manager’s boyfriend was a police officer, so she swiftly called him and described the assault on her employee. This action frightened off the unruly customer, allowing the shop to return to its usual operations. 

Despite the incident, Linda remained at the job for a few more months until she decided to quit due to an unrelated incident.

She Revisited the Sandwich Shop

Fast forward to a couple of months ago, when Linda found herself in the area and decided to revisit the sandwich shop. To her surprise she recognized the woman who had caused her such grief years ago behind the counter.

The woman, recognizing Linda, was shocked. Linda placed her order and gave the woman a broad smile as she slipped a $5 bill into the tip cup, uttering a wish for her to have a blessed day.

The woman turned beet red, seemingly at a loss for words. Just as the tension began to rise, Linda’s former assistant manager emerged from the back.

Spotting Linda, he grew excited and engaged in conversation about his promotion and marital bliss.

And the Troublesome Customer Served Her

As the woman retreated to the back, Linda’s friend chuckled, acknowledging the subtle pettiness in Linda’s voice and remarking that their old manager would be proud.

Linda’s former manager had since found a better-paying job and married her police officer boyfriend, while Linda herself had moved on to a different job where she thankfully no longer had to deal with customers directly.

Although tempted to seek revenge, Linda chose to rise above Tammy’s behavior. Refusing to stoop to her level Linda remembered the saying “kill ’em with kindness” and decided to take that route.

She understood the challenges of working in customer service and didn’t want to subject Tammy to the same stress and anxiety she had experienced.

Kindness Was Her Petty Revenge

In the end, Linda’s act of kindness served as her own form of revenge. It told Tammy that despite her past mistreatment of Linda, she had found success and happiness while refusing to let the negativity define her.

There is a valuable moral in reflecting upon Linda’s tale of petty revenge.

While it can be tempting to respond to mistreatment with vengeance and stoop to the level of those who wrong us, Linda’s story shows us the power of choosing kindness instead.

Treat Others with Respect

It highlights the importance of treating others with respect, regardless of their occupation or social standing.

We never know the battles that others may be fighting, and a moment of kindness has the potential to alleviate their burdens and brighten their day.

How would you have handled the situation? Would you have done something differently?

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