She Claims That White Women Are One of the Most Dangerous Groups in America and That Whiteness Is a Cult

Viral TikTok video ignites debate with a Black woman criticizing white women and claiming whiteness is a dangerous cult without accountability.

Apparently, Whiteness Is a Cult

A black woman’s controversial TikTok video goes viral, igniting a fiery discourse. She says, “white women are one of the most dangerous groups in the United States and abroad.” @BlkGirlTragic.

In her passionate video, @BlkGirlTragic points out the eagerness of some white people to find any justification to absolve others of accountability, arguing that “whiteness is a cult” where members rally to protect their own. 

She dismisses attempts to portray a white woman as innocent, emphasizing that such evidence fails to prove anything but exposes the lengths some would go to shield white women from consequences.

Expressing her frustration, the TikToker challenges the perception that black people are perceived as one of the most violent groups, highlighting the lack of accountability within their own communities for mistreatment of others. 

They Condemned Her Remarks as Racist

While some viewers aligned with her perspective, others condemned her remarks as racist, with one user even asserting that the Black community is more violent than white women.

“It’s crazy how non-white people can speak this way about white people and it’s not a problem. But as soon as the roles are reversed, there’s country wide mayhem,” one user argued. 

“Social media has made everyone feel like their input or point of view is important. There were mental people before social media, and there always will be,” another says. 

“I’m getting tired of the race war. Can there just be peace? Lord Jesus, please help us,” someone urged. 

Whiteness Operates as a Cult That Upholds White Supremacy

Amidst the ongoing debate, a GoFundMe campaign initiated by Comrie’s uncle, Bob Roe, emerges on May 18 to support her legal expenses, claiming damage to her livelihood and reputation.

Surprisingly, an outpouring of support for the white employee follows, with the campaign raising over $131,000, surpassing its initial target of $120,000.

Undeterred by the flood of disparaging comments and criticisms, @BlkGirlTragic addresses her followers in a subsequent post, reiterating her unwavering stance.

She fiercely argues that whiteness operates as a cult that upholds white supremacy, refusing to be intimidated by online naysayers. 

By Recruiting Marginalized Groups

Highlighting historical facts, she contends that the cult of whiteness has global reach and sustains itself by recruiting marginalized groups, exploiting their proximity to whiteness and pitting them against one another.

In a final bold statement, @BlkGirlTragic challenges readers to confront uncomfortable truths, asserting that whiteness represents one of the most dangerous cults, benefiting from a system that provides safety, security, and shields from consequences.

With a call for liberals to share her message, the controversy continues to provoke intense discussions and reflections on the systemic issues at play.”

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