She Demanded His Hot Tub and Became Furious When He Refused

A random call from his house’s old owners led to this guy crossing paths with one of the most entitled people he’d ever met in his life!

Exploring a New Neighborhood

Jay was just settling into his new home after purchasing it from the previous owner, Harry. He was enjoying the peace and quiet of the neighborhood and looking forward to exploring the area.

However, a few days after moving in, Jay received a call from Harry, the previous owner of the house, asking if he was interested in selling the hot tub that came with the property.

Jay wasn’t sure what to do. He had no use for the hot tub and had never used it since moving in. Harry informed him that the hot tub was worth around 12k brand new two years ago and had seen very little use.

Jay was interested in selling the hot tub, but he wanted to do some research first.

He Wanted to Sell His Hot Tub

Over the next couple of days, Jay played phone tag with Harry as he researched the market value of the hot tub.

He finally came up with a price of around 8-9k for it. However, out of nowhere, Karen, Harry’s wife, called Jay to discuss the hot tub.

Karen immediately started off by talking about how they put a lot of sweat equity into the home, how they were the ones to buy it and set it up, and how they deserved the hot tub.

She then told Jay that they were only willing to pay 3k for it.

Lowball Offer

Jay was taken aback by Karen’s lowball offer, but he didn’t want to be rude. He told Karen that he would think about it and let her know.

Karen sounded annoyed and rushed the entire time on the phone as if Jay was inconveniencing her even though she was the one who called him!

A few days later, Jay decided not to sell the hot tub. He called Harry to let him know, and he was understanding. He asked Jay to text Karen and let her know before he got home, which was a weird request, but Jay agreed.

Karen’s reaction was not what Jay had expected. She texted him back, “We left you a super clean place” (it had mold) “and had a LOT of sweat equity invested” (a couch and a shed a company put in)”.

Greedy and Unreasonable

“You personally did not make those improvements” (he’d made others), “yet you will capitalize on those improvements” (that’s how real estate works).

Karen then called Jay and accused him of being greedy and unreasonable. She claimed that the hot tub was barely used at all and that asking for it wasn’t unreasonable.

She even wished him “best wishes on getting what you think you deserve out of OUR improvements.”

Jay was shocked and didn’t know how to respond. He had never dealt with someone so entitled and rude. This wasn’t his first experience with Karen and Harry’s behavior, but it was the most pronounced.

He Owned It All

To make matters stranger, the home sale process was different from a typical closing because Jay lived in a park model on leased land.

He owned the home and all improvements on the land, including the hot tub, which came with the property.

For Jay, selling or not selling the hot tub wasn’t a big deal. He didn’t have to sell it and had no desire to do so. If he didn’t feel it was worth it, he wasn’t going to sell it.

Keeping the hot tub and selling it with the house was worth more than 3k, and the stress of having to deal with Karen and Harry.

He’d Get More if He Sold It With the House

In Jay’s neighborhood, most of the homes were bought as vacation rentals, airbnbs, and retirement spots.

He knew that he could get a better price for the hot tub if he sold it with the house, and he didn’t want to deal with Karen’s rude attitude.

In the end, Jay decided to keep the hot tub and sell it with the house. But overall, Jay was shocked by Karen’s entitled behavior and the way she tried to manipulate him into selling the hot tub for far less than it was worth.

He was glad that he had stood his ground and decided not to sell the hot tub to her and Harry. Jay knew that he could get a fair price for it if he decided to sell it in the future.

She’s Not Deserving of Your Time and Energy

For now, he was content to keep it and enjoy the value it added to his home.

Redditors were quick to offer Jay some advice. One user said, “Don’t say anything. She’s not deserving of any more of your time or energy, and calling you greedy is the pot calling the kettle black.

Any sweat equity that they put into the property you bought from them was figured into the purchase price you paid.

Her husband was already negotiating with you, and but for the fact she butted in with her insulting mouth, she’d most likely have that hot tub. Seriously, don’t expend any more effort on this woman.”

What do you think about this tale? It goes to show that if you want someone to do something nice for you, you should treat them with respect!

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