She Didn’t Want His Daughter To Be Part of Their Wedding. She Thought That When They Got Married, Her Husband Would Become a Holiday Dad Only!

Richard, a loving father to his 11-year-old daughter Polly, found himself embroiled in a rather distressing situation. This revolved around his upcoming wedding to his then-fiancée Sharon, whom he had been with for a good five years.

She Said She Loved His Daughter

Richard, a 45-year-old man, had been in a previous relationship, ending in an amicable divorce and a joint custody agreement over Polly.

Eventually, he crossed paths with Sharon, who hit it off with Polly from the get-go. After half a decade together, Richard decided to propose, filling Sharon with excitement and setting the wedding planning process into motion.

Sharon dove into the preparations, looking at potential venues and asking her friends to be bridesmaids. Everything was going swimmingly until Sharon expressed her desire for her niece to be the flower girl.

Richard, without any objections to this, added that he wished for Polly to also be a flower girl. Sharon, however, looked at Richard strangely and dismissed the idea, arguing that Polly wouldn’t “fit the part.”

And He Wanted Polly To Be Part of Their Wedding

Taken aback, Richard stood his ground, firmly stating that his daughter would be part of their wedding.

Sharon became upset and claimed that the decision about the girls in the wedding was hers alone and that Polly wouldn’t be included. 

Richard countered that if Polly wasn’t in the wedding, there might not be a wedding at all! He stormed out, leaving Sharon behind, and went to get ice cream with Polly.

During their outing, Polly, who was aware of the upcoming wedding, innocently remarked that she would look pretty in whatever dress Sharon chose for her. 

He Wanted To Talk It Over

This statement struck a chord in Richard, who promptly texted Sharon that he’d be staying at a friend’s place to think things over.

His soon-to-be mother-in-law chimed in via text, accusing Richard of overreacting and asserting that Polly didn’t need to be in the wedding. She called him stupid for threatening to cancel the ceremony.

This left Richard in a state of confusion. Was he overstepping by insisting on Polly’s involvement in the wedding? Or was he merely standing up for his daughter?

He wondered if he had crossed a line by suggesting he might cancel the wedding over this dispute…

“Why Does Polly Not Fit the Part?”

Well, things all came to a head a day later when Richard went to talk to Sharon.

Richard arrived home, only to find his future mother-in-law parked in the driveway. Not wanting to engage, he slipped inside the house to find Sharon sitting quietly at the kitchen table.

Richard knew they needed to discuss their recent argument, so he joined her.

He asked her one simple question, “Why does Polly not fit the part, and why don’t you want her in the wedding at all?” What Sharon said next stunned him.

She Had Hoped He Would Become a “Holiday Visit Only” Dad After They Married!

She told him that she had hoped he would become a “holiday visit only” dad after they married! She didn’t want Polly in the wedding or in their family photos because she thought Polly wouldn’t be around much!

Surprisingly, Richard kept his calm. He took Sharon’s hand, removed his engagement ring, and gave it back to her. Sharon started to cry. 

She said they shouldn’t end their relationship because of this and promised she could change. But Richard told her it was too late.

He asked her to move out by the next week. She could take her furniture when Polly wasn’t home. Angry, Sharon left the house. Soon after, the mother-in-law knocked on the door and said Richard was being unreasonable!

She Wanted Him To See Polly Only a Few Times a Year!

Richard was shocked. He couldn’t believe Sharon wanted him to see Polly only a few times a year. He couldn’t imagine giving up time with his daughter. 

He was supposed to be going to Hawaii for his and Sharon’s honeymoon – now he was planning to take Polly.

Even though it was tough, Richard was glad he put his daughter first.

“I Also Hope She Steps on a Lego Five Times a Day for the Rest of Her Life”

Redditors were shocked by Sharon’s behavior and praised Richard’s decision to prioritize his daughter.

One user said, “This was raw as hell. Absolutely no hesitation. Grade A dad, and I hope the best for him and his daughter. Oh, and I also hope Sharon steps on a Lego 5 times a day for the rest of her life.”

What do you think about Richard’s reaction? Should he have worked with Sharon and kept the relationship intact, or was he right to prioritize his daughter?

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