She Experienced a Very Hairy Moment in New York as a Man Ripped off Her Green Wig. Did He Have Some Kind of Hatred Towards Women?

Viral TikTok video captures a woman confronting a man who forcefully ripped off her wig in the streets of New York City, sparking outrage and calls for justice.

Viral Wig Assault in NYC

In a TikTok video with over 574,500 views, singer Lizzy Ashliegh gained widespread attention after publicly confronting a man who allegedly forcefully pulled off her green wig while they passed each other on a New York City street.

“Sir! For what reason?” Lizzy angrily shouted at the man, capturing the immediate aftermath of the alleged assault.

Clutching the wig in her hand, she demanded answers, questioning his actions and expressing her outrage at his lack of respect. 

The man appeared unremorseful, grinning as he attempted to walk away.

“Do You Have Some Kind of Hatred Towards Women?”

“Why did you think that was acceptable?” Lizzy pressed, her voice filled with frustration. “What made you think it was okay to do that? Do you have some kind of hatred towards women or something?”

Despite pleas from his friend to apologize, the man refused to acknowledge the attack and repeatedly asked, “For what?” TikTok users were shocked by his lack of remorse, urging Lizzy to press charges and seek justice.

“The way he’s acting like you’re literally not there is making me insannnneeee,” one viewer wrote.

“That made me so sad when I seen how upset his friends were about it because you can tell they embarrassed,” another said. 

“I Would Def Call the Cops, That’s Assault”

“I would def call the cops that’s assault,” someone added.

In subsequent videos, Lizzy revealed that the wig was attached to her real hair, causing trauma to her neck and pulling out her natural strands when it was forcefully torn off.

She also informed her followers that she had contacted the police and filed a report.

“I followed all the advice that certain people gave me,” Lizzy shared in her latest video. “On Tuesday, I will take action.”

Her Followers Demanded Accountability

The online community rallied behind her, demanding accountability for the alleged perpetrator and offering support as she pursued legal recourse.

“The whole thing is he literally HURT you, all you wanted was an explanation or at least an apology….I’m so happy you are safe and followed up..” one viewer put.

“If u don’t press charges he will do this again. He had zero remorse and doesn’t deserve ur mercy. Show em whos boss girl,” another user urged.

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