She Exposes Her Disgusting Secret and Suggests You Shouldn’t Consume Tea on a Plane. Why? The Machines Are Never Cleaned and Stored Next to the Toilets!

Former Flight Attendant Reveals the Shocking Truth About Unclean Water Tanks on Planes and Advises Passengers to Avoid Consuming Any Beverages Not Served in Cans or Plastic Bottles While Flying.

No More Airline Tea for You!

We all know that airplane food leaves much to be desired, but one thing we hope for is a refreshing beverage to make up for it during our flight.

However, a former flight attendant has now revealed which drinks she strongly advises against consuming while traveling in the air.

Kat Kamalani, a seasoned flight attendant with a substantial following of 992,000 on social media, recently shared a video where she divulges the drinks she believes passengers should steer clear of when flying.

With a caption urging viewers not to consume these items on a plane, she offers valuable insights based on her experience.

And Her Reason Is Unsettling

According to Kat, the gravest mistake passengers can make is consuming any liquid not served in a can or plastic bottle. Her reason behind this caution is quite unsettling.

She claims that the water tanks on planes are rarely cleaned and are in a deplorable state.

Even more disturbingly, she reveals that flight attendants rarely drink the tea or coffee served on board, as they are sourced from the same unclean water tanks.

In her video, Kat illustrates the various components of a coffee machine found on planes, asserting that certain parts are only cleaned if they malfunction.

The Machines Are Never Cleaned and Close to the Toilets

Adding to the concern, she points out that these machines are located near the lavatories, where hygiene issues can arise.

Alongside advising against tea and coffee, Kat also discourages parents from requesting hot water to warm baby bottles.

Instead, she suggests asking for a bottle of water and a separate cup of hot water. This way, parents can prepare the formula using the cold water, and then heat the baby’s bottle by placing it in the cup of hot water.

Although it remains undisclosed which airline Kat worked for, her video garnered over a million views, with numerous viewers sharing their thoughts.

Why Don’t Flight Attendants Take Responsibility?

Many expressed anger towards the airline industry, questioning why flight attendants don’t take responsibility for cleaning the hot water tanks if they are indeed so unsanitary.

“I have gotten HORRIBLE food poisoning from airplane food in first class on two flights in the last two years. No more food on airplanes for me!” one user stated. 

“I’ve been a Flight Attendant for 23 years, our airline routinely flushes & cleans the tanks. I don’t drink coffee but most my coworkers do,” someone added.

“How do you know the water tanks are “never” cleaned? I’m with AC maintenance and we have very strict task cards that are assigned to every aircraft,” another countered. 

It Appears Airlines Differ. Who Do You Fly With?

Despite the backlash, some commenters, who claimed to be former flight attendants themselves, supported Kat’s claims, affirming that her revelations were entirely accurate.

On the other hand, some TikTok users who identified as airline employees contested her statements, asserting that water tanks are regularly monitored and disinfected in their respective airlines.

While the veracity of these claims may differ between airlines, it is advisable to exercise caution when consuming any water onboard. Bottled or heated water is often the safest option to ensure a pleasant and worry-free journey.

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