She faced a Cleanup Clash – she Faces an $800 Demand Over Water-Damaged iPhone – TikTok Says ‘Insure It Next Time!’

A workplace dilemma has sparked a heated debate online. Jessie, known as @prablums on TikTok, recorded a viral video revealing she faces a hefty $800 bill from her co-worker after an old iPhone took an unexpected dive into the water. The question on everyone’s mind is: Who should foot the bill for the damages?

She Was Busy Cleaning

According to Jessie, her co-worker had left her phone inside a large wallet on a shelf when cleaning at the back of the restaurant where they both work.

While reaching for soap, Jessie accidentally knocked the wallet into a bucket of soapy water below, utterly unaware of the phone.

She dried off the wallet and informed her manager about the incident, assuming she’d resolved the problem.

Little did she know that the phone had suffered water damage.

Her Co-Worker Demanded an iPhone Replacement

To her surprise, Jessie’s co-worker demanded that she cover the full cost of a new phone, totaling $800.

In a TikTok video, Jessie shared her frustration, displaying an iPhone that appeared to have previous damage unrelated to water.

She asked for advice from viewers on whether legal action was necessary.

We can reveal from Jessie’s comments that there is a designated place for workers’ phones in the workplace.

Why Was Her Phone Irresponsibly Left There?”

Support from viewers flooded in, asserting that Jessie shouldn’t be held accountable since her co-worker’s negligence led to the incident, “Why was her phone irresponsibly left there?”

The consensus among commenters was clear.

While small claims court might be possible, TikTok commenters, although not legal experts, shared one valuable piece of advice for Jessie’s co-worker and others in similar situations—get insurance for your phone if you’re prone to leaving it lying around.

Would you pay up in this situation? Maybe you have advice for Jessie? We’d love to know your thoughts in the comments.

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