She Faked a Work Emergency to Get Out of His Friends’ Wedding and Prevent Untold Stress

OP is a 28-year-old woman. She has been dating her 29-year-old boyfriend for eight months.

They Were Going to Attend a Wedding

Over a recent weekend, OP and her boyfriend attended the wedding of two of his friends in Scotland. Since OP and her BF live in southern England, it was going to be the first time she met the bride or groom.

Originally scheduled for 2020, the wedding was postponed due to COVID, then postponed again due to a death in the groom’s family. Finally, nearly three years later, the ceremony was going to happen.

When the original invite was sent out, OP’s boyfriend was dating someone else. He RSVP’d with a plus one, that previous girlfriend. The bridge and groom were fine with that.

When the bride and groom set a new date, they just texted or emailed their guest list with the updated details instead of sending out another round of formal invitations.

The Bride and Groom Wanted to Keep the Costs Down

Like most young couples, they needed to keep costs as low as possible.

Assuming he was still in line for his plus one, OP’s boyfriend asked her to attend the wedding with him. She was excited to go and looked forward to meeting his friends.

But at the pre-wedding reception, the bride was shocked to see that OP’s boyfriend had brought a date.

The bride explained that the plus one had been approved when he was dating his ex, and she just assumed he would be alone since he broke up with his previous girlfriend.

A Terrible Misunderstanding

Feeling terrible about the misunderstanding, OP and her boyfriend walked away, but they overheard the bride panicking about the lack of seats and food.

She even broke down crying in a corner, thinking her wedding was ruined, while her maid of honor tried to provide some comfort.

The groom assured OP and her boyfriend that everything was fine but seemed uncomfortable with the situation.

To ease the tension, OP pretended to receive an urgent call and then claimed a work emergency had popped up, using that as an excuse to leave the wedding.

He Apologized to the Bride

OP apologized to the bride and groom for the misunderstanding and wished them well. With her guest list now back under control, the bride managed to stop crying and tell OP that it had been nice to meet her.

OP returned home as planned, and her boyfriend stayed for the wedding. When he also returned home, on Monday, he asked her how the work emergency turned out. OP admitted lying to help relieve the stress on the bride.

Rather than being thankful for her sacrifice, though, OP’s boyfriend got super angry with her.

He was hurt that OP left him alone all weekend, and he was upset that their friends thought she prioritized work over the wedding. He said they were all left with a negative impression of her.

She Saved a Lot of Stress

OP believed her actions helped diffuse a tough situation and saved a lot of stress for the wedding party. She chose to fake a work emergency instead of a family emergency so her boyfriend wouldn’t be obligated to head home with her.

Most Redditors think that OP did a really nice thing to help keep the wedding on track. They don’t really understand why her boyfriend is so angry.

Several commenters think the real cause of the problem was the bride and groom themselves, who had already told OP’s boyfriend he could bring a plus one.

Others say that OP should have let her boyfriend in on her plans so he could have managed the aftermath better.

So, what do you think of this story? Did OP do a nice thing by faking a work emergency to relieve stress on the bride?

Or should she have stuck around at the wedding? Or at least told her boyfriend about her plans?

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