She Gave Her Boyfriend’s Cat Away to a Shelter Because It Had Fleas!

A man takes in a stray cat and then his girlfriend moves in. His girlfriend buys all the cat food and pays for a vet because the boyfriend will not do it. To find out what the girlfriend does next, read on.

Taking In A Stray Cat

OP’s boyfriend, Justin, had a cat when she moved in with him. Justin had never adopted the cat but took in the stray after he had started feeding it.

Before OP had moved in Justin’s cat had had a litter of kittens. Justin found homes for most of them but, the rest became strays.

When OP moved in she told Justin that they should get his cat spayed and take her to a vet for fleas. Justin agreed but weeks went by and he still had not made an appointment.

When OP asked again Justin said that he was going to and so OP waited a few more weeks.

The Fleas Were Getting Worse

All this time OP is stressing about the cat getting pregnant again and the fleas were getting worse.

OP tried over-the-counter flea medication but it did not work. Finally, after OP had been kept up all night with flea bites, she took the cat to the vet herself. OP had to pay for a new patient exam plus the flea medication.

OP asked for Justin to reimburse her for half of the costs and Justin became very angry and frustrated. OP explained that she needed him to chip in so she could continue to cover groceries and pay the bills.

Justin said that they could not afford the vet costs and that is why he had not done it yet.

She Was the Only One Looking After the Cats

Justin had never said this to OP before and now she felt terrible for making such a dumb mistake. OP says she knows she should have checked with Justin first to see if he could chip in.

The fleas were driving OP crazy and she felt she needed to act.

OP spent all her free time vacuuming and deep cleaning the furniture and carpets. After some time went by the fleas went away.

All this time OP was the only one buying cat food and cleaning the cat litter. OP would remind Justin that he needed to help and he would for a couple of days and then would forget again.

Please Get the Cat Spayed!

After a few months, OP and Justin finally had some money to spare. OP said they needed to get the cat spayed now.

Justin became very angry and said he does not believe in having animals sterilized because they have a right to breed. Justin also said he wanted to put the money toward a PS5.

The next time the cat food was running low OP told Justin that he needed to buy more cat food. OP told him that she was tired of his cat being her sole responsibility all the time.

She was also scared it would get pregnant again and then she would have to take care of a whole litter by herself.

She Said She Would Take Their Pet to the Shelter

OP said she would take the cat to a shelter if he does not buy it food. He promised three days in a row to buy cat food but he does not.

When all of the cat food ran out and Justin did not buy more, OP took the cat to a no-kill shelter in the hopes that it would be placed in a better home.

Justin was heartbroken and furious with OP for rehoming his cat without permission. OP says that they can not afford to adopt it back from the shelter and she is starting to feel like she made a big mistake.

Redditors agreed that OP did the right thing. OP and Justin could not afford to take care of the cat and it was not fair to the cat. The cat deserves to be properly cared for.

Putting the Needs of the Cat First?

Worldofwhevs says that it is always hard to give up a pet but OP did the right thing by putting the needs of the cat first.

Sunnydays0306 is hoping that Justin is now OP’s ex-boyfriend because she could do so much better.

The_rabble_alliance agrees with Sunndays0306 and takes it further saying that Justin is the one that should be re-homed.

Green-Witch1812 says that Justin prioritizing a PS5 over spaying his cat was unfair to the cat and OP. OP did the right thing taking the cat to a shelter and needs to dump Justin.

Did OP do the right thing by bringing the cat to the shelter? Should she dump Justin? What would you have done?

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