She Gets Revenge on Her Strict Parents With Their Own Rules and Giving Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

At 25 years old, Regan was on the verge of a new chapter in her life, soon to be married to her fiancé. She was full of excitement but also faced a moral dilemma that traced back to her family’s past.

Rules Were Rules

Regan grew up in a house with two older brothers and a clear set of rules. When her brothers were teenagers, they were allowed to have their girlfriends spend the night, although they had to sleep in the spare room.

This was a rule that everyone understood, and Regan thought it was fair.

However, as she grew older, Regan noticed that she was treated differently.

Although she was a bit of a tomboy and didn’t date much in her early years, when she did finally have a boyfriend at 18, her parents wouldn’t allow him to spend the night at all.

But Her Rules Were Different

This seemed unfair to her, especially since her brothers were allowed this privilege.

Years went by, and Regan found the love of her life. They got engaged, and wedding plans were in full swing. Still, her parents wouldn’t allow her fiancé to spend the nights at their home until a few months after their engagement.

Even then, he had to stay in the spare room. Regan was irritated but moved on as she started her new life with her fiancé.

One day, her mother, eager to be a part of the wedding planning, insisted on spending a week with Regan for some ‘mother-daughter bonding time.’

So She Gave Them a Taste of Their Own Medicine

Along with her stepfather, they arrived at Regan’s house, and the first day was full of joy, laughter, and talk about the upcoming wedding.

As the night approached, Regan faced a decision. Her mother and stepfather, although together for almost 20 years, were not married.

They had both been divorced, and marriage was not in their plans. This was Regan’s chance to give them a taste of their own medicine!

When her mother asked to go to their room, Regan surprised them by directing her mother to one guest room and her stepfather to another.

They Wouldn’t Be Sharing a Bed in Her House!

She explained that since they weren’t married, they wouldn’t be sharing a bed in her house!

Her mother was taken aback and protested, but Regan stood firm.

She reminded her mother of the rules she had enforced on her and her brothers, even repeating her mother’s own words back to her, “It doesn’t matter because this is my house, and my decision is final.”

The situation became tense. Her mother claimed that Regan was making things up about the differences in treatment between her and her brothers, but Regan’s decision was final.

And Her Decision Was Final

The conversation ended with clear frustration on both sides.

Her parents stayed the night but left the next day, leaving Regan to continue planning her wedding on her own. The house was quiet, but Regan couldn’t shake the feeling that she had done something wrong.

Her grandmother called, scolding her for her decision, only adding to her doubts. 

Had she been too harsh? Was she in the wrong for enforcing the same rule her mother had used on her?

“LOL, and Your Mom Complained to Her Parents. Gold”

Redditors didn’t think Regan had been too harsh and found it hilarious that she had managed to get some very petty revenge on her mom. One user quipped, “Lol, and your mom complained to her parents. Gold.”

Some might say that Regan was justified in standing up for what she believed in, while others might argue that she had taken things too far.

What’s clear is that Regan’s decision come from feelings of inequality that had been festering for years. Whether or not those feelings justified her actions is a matter of personal opinion.

Perceived Fairness Can Have a Lasting Impact

Still, it serves as a poignant reminder that family dynamics and perceived fairness can have lasting impacts, shaping our decisions and relationships even into adulthood.

The rules that once seemed simple and fair had become a complex issue, bringing up old feelings and creating new tensions. Let’s hope her mother doesn’t take it to heart and the wedding goes off without a hitch.

How would you have handled this situation if you were in Regan’s shoes? Would you have enforced the same rules your parents set for you? 

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