She Got Her Revenge After Her Boss Was Rude About Her Workmates Weight

In this tale of unexpected challenges, Demi finds themselves entangled in a dispute over a broken chair that takes an amusing turn. Get ready to witness Demi’s mischievous approach to malicious compliance in the face of an unreasonable manager.

She Supported People with Mental Illnesses

Demi used to work in a group home dedicated to supporting individuals with mental illnesses. The facility was often bustling with activity, and during the day, 2-3 staff members would work together to assist the clients.

At the end of each shift, they would gather in the office to log their activities and ensure they’d documented everything properly.

This office housed three computers, and it was within these four walls that Demi’s story began to unfold.

One seemingly ordinary day, Demi arrived at work to find a chair at one of the desks in a questionable state. It was unmistakably broken, with visible cracks and a noticeable tilt to one side.

The Chair Was Not Broken

Sensing the potential danger, Demi decided to do the responsible thing and inquire if anyone had reported the issue to their manager.

To her surprise, her coworkers informed her that the manager had declared the chair was not broken, despite its obvious condition.

Finding this response utterly absurd, Demi couldn’t help but share the dumb situation with her friends. She captured a photo of the “definitely not broken” chair and sent it to her trusted confidants.

Together, they had a good laugh, unable to understand how the manager could deny the undeniable.

They Had to Take Turns

The next day rolled around, and Demi began her work as usual. However, things took an unexpected turn when it was time to log their activities on the computers.

With only two usable desks available due to the broken chair, Demi and her coworkers had to take turns working on their notes while someone sat idly by.

The situation seemed far from ideal, but it was a consequence of the manager’s refusal to acknowledge the chair’s state.

Their manager happened to enter the room, noticing the idle staff member and inquiring about the apparent lack of productivity.

An Unsafe Chair

Demi and her coworkers didn’t waste a moment before pointing out the glaring issue – the unsafe chair making the third desk unusable.

The manager’s response, however, took an offensive and body-shaming turn, revealing an entirely different side of their character.

Instead of acknowledging the broken chair, their manager shamelessly said  that the chair had broken due to the weight of Demi’s coworkers!

He proceeded to declare that the company would not invest in new office furniture until everyone in the office shed some pounds, directly targeting their employees’ appearance.

She Had Serious Medical Issues

Unbeknownst to the manager, Demi had undergone a significant health struggle before joining the group home.

Having battled a severe medical condition for nine months, Demi had been unable to consume solid food, resulting in substantial weight loss.

In fact, she weighed a mere 80 pounds, a far cry from her recommended weight of 140 pounds for her body type.

Yet, her manager remained oblivious to this personal struggle, making their weight-related comments all the more outrageous.

Proving Their Absurd Point

To prove their absurd point about the chair’s safety and blame obesity for its demise, the manager turned to Demi, expecting her to demonstrate how an “ideal” employee could use the chair.

But Demi had other plans in mind. She was not about to let her manager get away with such blatant disregard for safety and body image.

Demi decided to showcase the chair’s true state, contrary to her manager’s expectations. Defying caution, she boldly plopped down onto the chair.

In a split second, the chair gave way, splitting in half and sending Demi crashing to the floor. It was an undeniable demonstration of the chair’s brokenness, leaving no room for doubt or denial.

File an Incident Report

As Demi picked herself up from the floor, she couldn’t help but point out to her manager that he needed to file an incident report according to company policy.

Seizing an opportunity, their boss filed an incident report, accusing Demi of intentionally breaking a usable chair. But Demi wasn’t about to let that slide.

When summoned to their boss’s office the next day, Demi discovered the falsified incident report, stating that corporate demanded the cost of a new chair come from Demi’s paycheck.

However, their boss had conveniently omitted crucial details.

She Exposed Their Boss’s Lies

Armed with the photo proving the chair was already broken, witnesses to their boss’s order to sit in the chair, and witnesses to the weight-related comments, Demi exposed their boss’s lies.

Threatening to inform corporate of the truth, Demi watched as panic washed over their boss, who quickly backtracked on deducting the cost from Demi’s paycheck.

Their boss promised to order the much-needed replacements to remedy the situation and address the dire need for new chairs.

Lesson learned: Don’t mess with Demi’s friends or body image, and don’t try to pass off a broken chair as safe. She won’t hesitate to stand up for what’s right and expose the truth.

Have you ever been involved in a dispute with a boss at work for something that wasn’t your fault?

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